5 Smart Ways to Help Yourself Overcome Procrastination

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Procrastination Can Cost You Money


You prefer to watch the soccer game between Accra Great Olympics and Kumasi Asante Kotoko although you have a lot of work to do. You tell yourself you will do the assignment later, although this is the best time for you to tackle it. Yes, procrastination has gripped you and you must find ways to help yourself overcome procrastination so that you will not be disgraced or become stressed out and die as a result! That’s right! Procrastination can lead to stress which can send you to the grave!

So, what are some of the ways you can help yourself and also work with others to help you overcome procrastination so that you can make the most of the time you have on your hands? What are the ways to avoid procrastination so that you can live a fruitful life?

1.    Make Your Work Easier to Do

In the Bible, when Jesus was confronted with the enormous task of feeding 5,000 men, besides women and children with only five loaves and two fishes, He made the people sit down in groups before He fed them. Do you know why? It was to break down the enormous task into smaller tasks so that the task would become easier to do.

Sometimes the reason why we procrastinate is that we look at the enormity of a task and feel, “This is too daunting for me. I can’t do it now. I might as well postpone it for I do not feel I can do it now. Maybe I can tackle this later.” One of the ways to stop procrastinating is to make things easier for yourself by breaking tasks which look like “Goliath” into smaller tasks. This will make your job seem manageable and it will make you more willing to tackle it immediately.

2.    Get a Peer Reviewer

There is an Ashanti proverb which says, “He who is clearing a path to the farm does not know whether the part of the path he has already cleared behind him is crooked or straight.” In other words, everybody needs someone to remind him when he is losing focus on life.

Therefore, get someone you trust, love, and admire to help you check procrastination in your life. Report your struggles and failures to this person so that he or she can encourage you. Exchange ideas about what you can do to manage yourself better so that you can use your time profitably. This is one of the great ways to prevent procrastination.

Choose someone who can help to keep you on your toes. This person can be a school mate, church member, work colleague, or family member. He or she must be a serious person who has a habit of getting things done on time and who can push you to make you do your best. This is one of the ways to avoid procrastination and laziness.

3.    Spend Time with Focused, “Time Conscious” People

You know the friends and family relations whose words and actions inspire you to make an effort to be more serious about your job or your schooling.  One of the ways to help prevent  procrastination, whether you are in college or a worker, is to spend more time with some of these people. You will realize that with time you will start adopting some of the positive aspects of their character—you will also start taking deadlines and tasks seriously and you will do your best to finish a task when it is given to you.

4.    Make Things Simple for Yourself

Do not wait for the “perfect” time to do your tasks. There is no “perfect” time. The time to do that job or assignment is the time called “now”! It all starts with the mind. Therefore, make up your mind that you will start a task immediately it is assigned to you. Tackle the easier parts of the task which require minimum effort first and then do the harder parts. This is one of the cool ways to help yourself defeat procrastination.

5.    Take Action

Take that bold step and face up to the challenge by choosing to solve the problem immediately instead of choosing to solve it later. Remind yourself that there is no way the work can get done unless you do it. Tell yourself that you can give yourself a deserved break after you have finished the task as a reward for your effort and that can motivate you to tackle the task at hand immediately. This is one of the best ways to help stop procrastination.


Some of the ways to help yourself beat  procrastination are to reduce your tasks into small bits that are easy to handle, get someone to keep you on your toes, spend time with motivated, result-oriented people as well as making things simple for yourself and choosing to act to finish a task. This will set you on the way to becoming a more productive person  so that you can achieve more with your life.


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4 Amazing Online Business Ideas for Introverts

online business ideas for introverts
Online Business Ideas for Introverts

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Do you know you can also make a lot of money doing business on the internet, if you are a quiet, reserved person? There are jobs that such people can do easily and conveniently  in the comfort of their homes, away from people who may intimidate them. In this article, I want to share with you some online business ideas which are good for introverts and which can help you to earn decent money, that is if you are prepared to work very hard.

Ready to discover some of the best online business ideas for introverts? Then here we go!

1.    Write Articles

I am an introvert myself and I know we don’t talk often but think a lot. We find it easy to generate ideas, some of them fantastic ideas which can solve the problems of other people and which can impact lives. I am sure you also have this ability. You can use the ideas you generate to make money by organizing them into articles which you can share with the rest of the world via the internet.

One place you can share your ideas is Hubpages. They offer you a free platform to let the world know all about  the awesome ideas  in your head as well as giving you an opportunity to make new friends. The best part of writing at Hubpages is that the articles you write there can earn you money! Isn’t that awesome! Some writers earn up to $800, some even more, on this website. Don’t you think it is great that you can kill two stones with one bird on this platform? (Oh no! It’s the other way round, isn’t it!)

2.    Write eBooks

One of the great online business ideas for introverts you may consider is to write eBooks and publish them. You may choose to write about what interests you. For example, if you love birds, you can write an interesting eBook about birds so that other people who also like birds can purchase your book and learn a few things they do not know about birds.

Alternatively, you may choose to write about topics that are trending on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Visit the Kindle marketplace and browse through the books that are selling very well. In addition, read the reviews readers leave at the end of the eBooks. Note eBooks that have an average review of four stars or higher. Read some of them and let them inspire you to come up with titles and content for your own eBooks. Do further research, write an eBook, and market it on platforms such as Goodreads, Kindlemojo and other eBook marketing websites.

3.    Editing and Proofreading

If you have experience doing the above, you can make money by reading the works of writers and authors, and editing it and proofreading it, for a fee. Visit a website such as Upwork or Guru and create a free account. Create a great profile and add Editing and Proofreading to your profile as one of the skills you have. Then, search for editing and proofreading jobs.

4.    Social Media Manager

Some businesses employ people to post articles to their Facebook, Twitter, PInterest, Linkedin, Instagram, or Google Plus pages. Others too contract people who are familiar with these social media platforms to post links to their pages and also to Social Media groups.

You can do this job by opening an account with a website such as Freelancer. Read their Help and FAQs pages so that you can educate yourself about exactly what you need to do to be successful on that website. Make your profile attractive so that you can attract clients and then search for social media jobs.


These are some of the opportunities you can take advantage of, if you are a shy person who finds it difficult to work around other people. Take the online business ideas for introverts  outlined above and run with them. Act on the advice in this article and use the opportunities to change your destiny.


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Exercise You Can Do at Work

Pix. 1.  Lifting a weight is one exercise you can do at work while sitting at your desk

exercise you can do at work

Source: Pixabay


Whether you are a CEO, Company Director, Secretary, Writer, IT person and so on, there is an exercise you can do whilst at work to help you deal with boredom, frustration, or a heavy workload. In addition, doing these exercises will help you to look and feel better as well as make you think better on the job.


Next time you go to the office, or settle down to work, try these simple exercises.

An Exercise You Can Do at Work at Your Desk

If you are a secretary or you use the office telephone a lot, one exercise you can do at work is to lift weights with your free arm. You can lift the office telephone, a paper weight, or the telephone directory. Alternatively, buy  a three- pound weight and keep it near the telephone. Anytime you are not occupied, lift the weight a number of times. Be sure to use alternate arms. As time goes on, gradually increase the number of repetitions and the heaviness of the weight.

An Exercise You Can Do at Work Sitting

One can do the following exercise while seated comfortably in his chair at the office or place of work. It is very easy to do and will take you just a few minutes to finish.

  1. While seated in your chair, lift your weight straight up to the level of your chest.
  2. Keep it there for 5 seconds and then lift it towards the ceiling.
  3. Bring the weight down behind your head as far as you can comfortably reach.
  4. Swing the weight straight out to the side, then make several circles with your arm. Move your arm forward first, then backward, moving from the wrist.
  5. Swing the weight straight out to the side, then forward to touch your chest.
  6. Slowly lower the weight sideways and touch the floor with it.

This exercise will help to condition and tone the upper part of your body.

An Exercise You Can Do at Work While Standing

You can do this exercise against your desk, or any other piece of furniture in the office which will not move when you exert pressure on it:

  1. Stand about four feet from your desk and breathe in deeply. Then, lean towards your desk and place your hands on the edge and then, subsequently, breathe out slowly. Make sure you rest your hands about a shoulder-width apart.
  2. Straighten your entire body.
  3. Breathe in again slowly and bend your arms to lower your body in one piece.
  4. Breathe out as you use your arms to push yourself up again.

This exercise will tone and strengthen the muscles of your lower forearm and the upper body.

An Exercise You Can Do at Work to Relieve Stress

Pix. 2.  A simple exercise you can do at work to relieve stress

exercise you can do at work

Source: http://www.shutterstock.com


While you are waiting to go for an interview that will determine whether you can get the promotion you have been working so hard for, or when you feel overwhelmed by the load of work on your desk, or when you find yourself in any stressful situation at work:

  1. Clasp your hands behind your back. Make sure your arms point towards the floor.
  2. Breathe in deeply while simultaneously pulling your shoulders back and your chest up.
  3. As you breathe out, bend slightly forward, then raise your arms as far overhead as you possibly can.
  4. Push your head towards your knees and try to get it as close as possible to those joints. Bend your knees slightly so that you do not experience strain.

You will be amazed at what this exercise will do for you. It will invigorate you immediately so that you can face whatever challenge you want to deal with. Furthermore, it will release tension and stiffness in your neck and shoulders so that you will feel more relaxed.

A Simple Exercise You Can Do at Work

While talking on the phone to your business partner, superior, or subordinate, roll your shoeless feet back and forth on an empty bottle. Use a ridged bottle because it can effectively massage the soles of your feet and stimulate good blood circulation in your feet.

You may use any other ridged object which can be rolled for this exercise. The advantage of doing this exercise is that it will relax your feet as well as increase circulation to that part of your body.

A Quick Exercise You Can Do at Work

The following exercise will help your body to get rid of tension as well as help you to conserve energy so that you can be more productive at work. Furthermore, this exercise will help your mind to remain clear so that you can be mentally sharp to do your work.

Tense and then relax the different parts of your body. Start with your feet and then proceed to your calves, thighs and so on. Tense each area for seven seconds.

As you relax each part of your body, concentrate on the feeling of relaxation.

Remember the feeling of relaxation and maintain that relaxed feeling. Recreate that feeling whenever you start tensing up in the office again.

  • Tense and then relax the different parts of your body. Start with your feet and then proceed to your calves, thighs and so on. Tense each area for seven seconds.
  • As you relax each part of your body, concentrate on the feeling of relaxation.
  • Remember the feeling of relaxation and maintain that relaxed feeling. Recreate that feeling whenever you start tensing up in the office again.

 Pregnancy Exercise You Can Do at Work

If you are pregnant, you might consider doing this exercise early in the morning before you start work or during the lunch break:

  • Sit well forward in your chair with your feet and knees well apart.
  • Place your hands on the side of your knees.
  • Rock forward, hollowing your back and pressing your knees outwards with your hands.
  • Rock backwards, rounding your back and letting your knees relax.
  • Do this exercise slowly as though you are in a rocking chair.

This exercise will help to stretch your pelvis and also help to prevent gestational diabetes.


Whether you are sitting in your chair at work, standing in the office, waiting for your next assignment, or pregnant, there is an exercise you can do at work to enhance your ability to perform better at your job.

Start your day or end your day with one of these exercises and you will feel great. In addition, these exercises will help prevent some diseases.













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How to Prepare for the Job Interview


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You may have been invited for an interview for a job you applied for, a job you wish so much to get. How do you prepare for the job interview so that you can increase your chances of getting the job?

In this article, I will teach you ways to prepare for a job interview so that you will have an advantage over those you are competing with.

There are a number of steps you must take to prepare for a job interview, the first of which is to gather intelligence about the Company.

Find Out All You Can About Your Potential Employer

Find out about the history of the Company, the products they manufacture or the services they offer, and the size of the Company i.e. whether they have a lot of branches or not. A search online may help you to get some or all of this information.

In addition, find out if they are into manufacturing, retailing, or wholesaling. Moreover, find out their position in their industry i.e. whether they are industry leaders and have a large share of the market in their industry, or whether they are a growing business.

If you live in the same town where the Company is located, contact the Communications Director of the Company and try to get this information from him or her. Alternatively, find out this information by visiting your local library, watching television, reading the newspapers, or making personal contacts with some of the staff of the Company.

How to Make Good Job Interview Questions

You need to make job interview questions and practice answering those that are likely to be asked at the interview—write down  questions you feel may be asked based on what you know about your potential employer, and write down the answers to those questions. Commit those answers to memory.

Also, read your CV or resume again and write down likely questions the interviewer(s) might ask you, and the answers to those questions.

Some of the questions that are normally asked at job interviews are:

  1. What are your future career plans?
  2. In what type of position are you most interested?
  3. Why do you want to work in our Company?
  4. What jobs have you held? How did you obtain them?’
  5. What course did you like best at school? Why?
  6. How did you spend vacations while you were in school?
  7. What are your ideas on salary? How much do you expect to be pain in a month?
  8. Can you forget all your education and start from scratch?
  9. Do you prefer any geographic location? Why?


Involve your siblings, or a close friend, if you feel you cannot rehearse all alone. Let them act as the interviewer(s) and ask you the questions, which you must answer as if you are sitting in front of the interviewer. This will help you to build your confidence for the job interview.

What Your Potential Employer Will Expect from You

Every employer looks out for something unique in a prospective employee, but generally these are the things the employer will be looking out for:

  • Good reading and writing skills.
  • Good listening skills.
  • Good thinking skills—your ability to think creatively, make quick decisions, solve problems, and see things in your mind’s eye.
  • Personal Qualities—your sense of responsibility, how sociable you are, how you manage yourself, and whether you are an honest person or not.
  • Use of Resources—how well you make use of time, money, materials, and space.
  • Your Interpersonal Skills—how well you can work with other people on teams, how good you are at teaching others, and your ability to work well with people from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Operating Under Pressure—how well you work when you are under pressure, and how you react when you are criticized.
  • Adaptability—your desire or willingness to learn new things, and whether you are flexible and ambitious enough to learn new skills and gain new qualities.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Get enough rest the night before the job interview. It will make you feel fresh and ready to face the challenge of the interview, and also make you mentally alert, which will put you in a state to answer the interview questions clearly.

Sleeping will also reduce the tendency to be nervous which may accompany a lack of sleep.

Take Care of Your Appearance

If you are a man, prepare for the job interview by wearing a black two-button suit in navy, gray, or pinstripes with narrow lapels. In addition, put on a contrasting tie or tie with small patterns, and match it with a black shoe. If you are a woman, wear a blue, gray, black, or pinstripe suit. You will communicate a sense of purpose and a desire to be successful, which may increase your chances of getting hired.

Make sure you cut your nails, shave your beard, and trim your moustache. Also ensure your hair is cut neatly and is well- oiled to give you a business-like look. A woman should ensure she looks very professional, with minimal make-up.


God can make the difference in life. His favor upon you can make you get the advantage over people who may even be more qualified than you. A clear example is the favor He gave to Esther in the Bible which enabled her to become the Queen ahead of all the other ladies she competed with.

You can obtain this kind of favor by saying a simple prayer. Therefore, ask God to give you His favor and help you to get the job ahead of those you will be competing against. Have faith that He has heard your prayer when you finish praying. This is a good way to prepare for the job interview.

 How to Behave During the Job Interview

  • Arrive on time. This will give you enough time to relax and nerve yourself. It will also tell the interview panel that you respect, which means you have a sense of responsibility.
  • Relax and be yourself. If you feel nervous, take in deep breaths and exhale slowly through your mouth. It will help you to calm your nerves.
  • When you are called into the room where you will be interviewed, greet your interviewer warmly. This is a great opportunity to sell yourself. Therefore, look confident. Walk upright and sit straight.
  • Project a good image. Try to make them see that you are a hardworking, competent person by giving anecdotes as evidence of your attitude. For example, you may tell them about how you had to work during holidays to raise part of your fees, or how you sold goods or services whilst in school.
  • Maintain eye contact. Look your interviewer in the eye.
  • Speak clearly and loudly enough.
  • Be enthusiastic and do your best to look friendly by smiling often.
  • Do not criticize your previous employer, if you have worked somewhere before. Even if you left there because of a disagreement, just describe what kind of work you did there and avoid attacking your previous employer.
  • Be clear and concise when answering the questions.
  • At the end of the interview, thank your interviewer.

Do a Follow Up

Send an email to thank your interviewer a few days after the job interview, let’s say about three days later. In the first paragraph, express your appreciation for the interview and express your continued interest in the position.

In the second paragraph, state any important information you failed to mention at the interview or emphasize one of the qualities that the interviewer stressed as being important. Also, let him or her know what you learned about the company during the interview which impressed you.

In the third paragraph, communicate your willingness to answer further questions about your qualifications

Then, continue to pray after you have done these things and hope God will help you to get the job.


Finally, remember that to prepare for the job interview, you must do what you can as a human being, and also seek Divine intervention, for it takes both the practical things you do and the help you get from the Spirit World to succeed in this life.

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