Addictions and Recovery: How to Help a Partner Addicted to Pornography

addictions and recovery
Addictions and recovery



There is a proliferation of pornography all across the world these days. It is readily available in digital form and in print wherever you turn.

The consumers of these adult movies range from single young men and women, married youth, and even married pastors.

Pornography is one of the addictions and recovery issues that some romantic partners have to deal with. Some people in relationships who view it think it is harmless, but porn has serious negative effects on romantic relationships.

A study conducted by Amanda Maddox and a group of researchers found that partners who do not watch pornography  communicate better with their partners, are more committed to their relationships, and have lower levels of infidelity than partners who watch pornography.

Your partner may be addicted to porn and as a result your relationship may be suffering. What can you do to help your partner overcome the addiction so that you can enjoy a healthy relationship?


1.    Support Your Partner

One of the most important things you must do if you want to help a partner to overcome his or her addiction to pornography is to give your lover unflinching support. This will touch the heart of your partner and make him or her feel loved, which is critical if your lover will succeed eventually to make a full recovery. Feeling loved will encourage your partner to persevere when he or she faces challenges during the recovery process.

Additionally, showing support will help your partner to feel less ashamed of his or her addiction. Consequently, he or she may seek professional or spiritual help so that they can break the addiction and make a recovery.

Moreover, showing support will also make it easier for your partner to come out publicly so that the thousands of other couples who are struggling with this same problem can learn lessons from his or her experience, which will help them too to deal with the situation in their relationships and their marriages.


2.    Don’t Show Any Arrogance

Do not express disgust when you catch your partner watching pornographic  movies. Furthermore, do not judge him or her or pass comments in a condescending manner that will make him or her feel that you think they are “dirty.” That has the potential to make the person withdraw further into his or her shell, which can increase the likelihood that they will watch the movies even more.

Additionally, when you try to make your partner or spouse feel ashamed of their behavior, you may make them stop for a while. However, your lover will not achieve long-term recovery. So, whenever you feel you are beginning to treat your partner with scorn, try to control your attitude.

Rather, discuss the problem and let your partner know how the addiction is hurting your relationship. For example, if your partner has emotionally grown distant from you, let him or her know.

Furthermore, remind your partner of how the addiction can harm him or her. Prior to the discussion, do thorough research so that you can get cogent arguments which you can use to help him or her see that the behavior can have adverse effects on a person.


3.    Listen to Your Partner

Try to listen to your lover without judging him or her.  Understand why your partner is watching porn movies. Is it because he or she   is not getting the intimacy they expect you to give them? Are they doing it just because they think it is harmless fun? How long have they been doing it? How did they start it? Were they introduced to it by friends? Find out why your partner chooses to watch pornography instead of seeking satisfaction from you, and the history of how he came to be addicted.

This information can inform you as to how to proceed to influence him or her to change, and also which angle to use to start tackling the problem. For example, if you know it is his friends who are having a bad influence on him, you can advise him about the importance of having morally-upright friends.

Try to encourage your partner to be communicative and keep listening to your partner with an open mind, even if he tells you things that shock you, or things that you do not want to hear. Try not to show surprise or shock when your partner says distasteful things. Rather, listen to the message behind the words. Listen to the frustration and loneliness behind his words.


4.    Tackle the Problem as a Team

Let your partner know that you are a team and so he should feel confident to come to you when he or she slips up or fails.

For example, if your partner fails, do not criticize him harshly. That will discourage and demotivate him or her. Rather, look to the future and do not bring up past problems. So, express compassion and offer words of encouragement. This will motivate your partner to keep on trying, and eventually the time will come when he or she will not feel the desire to watch those kinds of movies again.

You may say something such as this when your partner slips up, “Isaac, I must be honest. I am disappointed that you slipped up. But, I assure you of my continued love. I believe in you. I believe we can overcome this addiction together if we fight on. There is hope for the future. You may have failed today, but I know you will overcome tomorrow. You can always count on my support. Please, when you feel like watching one of those movies next time, please tell me about it so that I can do something more worthwhile together with you.”

When you work together as a team, you can ensure that your relationship will be strong and that can create an atmosphere in which your partner will trust you. When your partner trusts you , you will be the first person he or she will turn to for help. He or she will know that they can get unconditional support from you which is essential for recovery.


5.    Learn to be  Patient

Your partner may backslide at certain times and watch adult movies or read adult magazines. When you discover it, do not condemn your partner or get angry with him or her. Additionally, do not castigate your lover or make him or her think that you feel they are a failure. Reacting in such ways may make your partner reinforce his or her negative behavior.

Rather, try to stretch your patience in various ways. Try to keep on cooperating with your partner in the hope that your support will yield fruitful results if you persevere.


6.    Install Software on Your Partner’s Laptop

Try to come up with an agreement with your partner which will allow you to install anti-porn software on our partner’s laptop, with his or her consent.

Additionally, come to an agreement so that you will lovingly monitor your partner’s internet activity from time to time. This will help you to help him or her to resist the temptation to visit pornographic sites.

Alternatively, visit and register with them. They have a number of anti-porn software and also accountability models that can help your partner to check his internet activity and avoid pornographic sites.


7.    Manage Your Partner’s Environment

With the consent of your partner, burn all adult magazines in the house, and get rid of all adult movie DVDs in the house.

This will help to put your partner in a favorable situation, and also help him or her to cautiously avoid situations that can undermine your efforts to get him or her to overcome the addiction, so that he or she can make a successful recovery.


8.    Make it Easier for Your Partner to Do the Right Thing

Let your partner replace the harmful habit with a beneficial habit such as reading the Bible. So, for example, place a Bible by his laptop in the night so that when he wakes up and wants to use the laptop, he will see the Bible. That will remind him to read a verse so that he can keep his mind clean and pure.

Moreover, watch Christian movies, romance movies without nudity and sex scenes, and movies about love with your partner so that you can help to re-orient him about love. Additionally, find addiction recovery stories and addiction recovery articles to read so that he can be inspired.

Furthermore, continue to show love to your partner instead of distancing yourself or stonewalling. A close, loving relationship will make the home a safe haven and will promote communication, which is a great protection from bad influences.


9.  Get Him or Her to Socialize Often

Isolation is one of the major factors that make it difficult for people with this kind of addiction to break free.

Therefore, try to get your partner to go out and meet people. Encourage him or her to join associations  in your community. Go to parties together with him or her. Let your partner keep busy and occupied and he or she will not find time to fuel the habit.

Furthermore, they may form rewarding relationships and get involved in warm friendships which will give them satisfaction and meaningful attachments that may make them see the meaningless of pursuing the porn addiction.

Alternatively, spend more time with your partner and make efforts to make your relationship more exciting. Plan recreational activities and execute them. Go on picnics. Go hiking together. Play soccer together. Tell each other humorous and interesting stories. Bring life into the relationship. It will help to keep your partner busy as well as deepen the bond of love between the two of you so that your partner will find fulfillment in being in your company, and not in watching porn.


10. Evaluate Your Partner’s Progress from Time to Time

Every last weekend of a month, sit down with your partner and evaluate whether he or she is doing well. Let your partner tell you about how he or she feels and what support you can give so that he or she will not backslide.

Additionally, let them inform you about their desires and whether they still feel strong cravings for adult movies. Then, discuss measures you can put in place to ensure your partner can continue on the road to porn addiction recovery.

Finally, assess where your partner failed in the month and let him or her tell you what they think they can do to overcome those weaknesses. Then, support your partner to implement those suggestions.


11.  Let Your Partner See a Counselor

If your partner continues to struggle with the addiction inspite of all the efforts you make, encourage him or her to see a therapist. Offer to book the appointment.

Furthermore, offer to accompany your partner to therapy sessions so that he or she will know that they will not go through the process alone but that they will have the support of the person they love. This can serve as an extra motivation to make your partner agree to see a professional.


12. Read the Bible with Your Partner Everyday

The Bible, which is the word of God, has a transforming effect on the lives of people who read it every day. The words are “spirit and life.” God’s word is backed by His spirit and power and gradually, it can help to transform your partner so that he or she will no longer desire to watch adult movies anymore.

The Bible contains stories of people who have overcome weaknesses before. For example, there is the story of how God’s word made David repent after he had committed adultery with someone else’s wife.

Additionally, there is the story of how Jesus saved Mary Magdalene from a life of sexual promiscuity. These stories and others in the Bible can help your partner to see that others struggled with what he is also struggling with today but overcame and so he can also overcome if he perseveres.

So, read the Bible with him or her. As you read the Bible with your partner, and discuss how some of the characters overcame their challenges, he or she will learn how to resist the temptation to watch adult movies.


13. Pray

The Bible says in Matthew 19 v 26 that, “…with God all things are possible.” The God who holds the whole world in His hands can change your partner and help him to resist the temptation to watch pornography, if you ask Him in faith and humility, and if you believe He will do it.

So, offer up a prayer such as, “Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you that I have someone such as Isaac to love. Father, Isaac is having struggles with adult movies. Please give him the strength to resist the temptation, just as You helped Jesus to resist the temptation of the devil in the wilderness. Aid him in the recovery from addiction. Work on his mind and his heart and remove the cravings from his heart. Give him strength to persevere as he goes through the addiction recovery steps. Father, give me wisdom so that I can have peace of mind to support him. Help me to remember the logs in my eyes so that I will not judge him. Give me a spirit of compassion so that I can help him in love to beat this addiction. Help me to be patient with him when he fails so that I can continue to help him. And help people all over the world who are battling with addictions or who are in recovery. Lord help them to break free of their addictions. Amen.”



Many people have to fight porn addictions and sometimes struggle to make a recovery. But if you cooperate with your partner, love him, support her, and care for your loved one, they shall overcome so that once again you can enjoy a close emotional relationship with him or her.





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Addictions and Recovery: How to Deal With Your Porn Addiction When You Are in a Relationship


addictions and recovery
Addictions and recovery



There is a widespread prevalence of pornography across the world today, especially online. According to one online statistics firm, about 40 million people watch pornographic movies on a regular basis.

Pornography addiction is one of the addictions that some partners in romantic relationships grapple with and for which recovery takes some time.

It has serious negative effects on romantic relationships, which include choosing to watch the movies instead of spending time with your partner, becoming secretive which weakens the connection between lovers, and increasing the risk of divorce—as reported by, a study has revealed that married men and women who start watching pornography are twice as likely to divorce as those who do not watch pornography.

I have overcome this addiction myself after many years of struggling with it. My recovery from porn addiction followed a pattern of fighting, failing at times, picking myself up again, and fighting on. Eventually, by God’s grace, I am free today.

In this article, I want to share with you porn addiction and recovery tips that will help you to defeat this habit, and the steps you should follow to remain free forever.

Let us now look at what you should do.


1.    Assess the Whole Situation

  • Sit down quietly in a serene place with a jotter and pen.
  • Write down 50 ways in which porn has affected your personality and your life negatively.
  • Then, write down 50 ways in which your addiction is affecting your relationship. For example, you may write down the amount of money you have spent buying porn magazines or visiting porn websites and so on, how it has affected your health and so on.
  • Then, write down how your life used to be when you were not viewing porn.
  • Compare your life pre-watching porn to your life post- watching porn.
  • Ruminate on what you have written down and reflect on it.

This exercise will make you see that you are destroying your life and wasting precious time, money, energy and so on on something which is really not worth it. It will make you desire to do something seriously about the situation, and that may instigate you to open up about your addiction or to seek help.


2.    Seek the Support of Your Partner

Do not feel ashamed to inform your partner about your addiction. Inform him or her and ask them to give you moral support.

Try to be very communicative and open with your partner. Admit to your partner that you have a problem. Then, give your partner the comprehensive picture of how long the addiction has bothered you, how you started it, how badly it has affected you and so on so that you can win the sympathy of your partner, and so that you can get your partner to empathize with you.

Then, tell your partner or your spouse that you need their help, encouragement, and love.

The more you talk, the less you will feel guilty and the better you will feel. That point will be the beginning of the healing process.

Then, make the effort to cooperate fully with your partner. When your partner sees you watching porn and advices you respectfully to stop, do not get hostile or irritable. Don’t deny it and don’t be upset. That is pride. Rather, control your ego and cooperate so that your partner will continue to help you.


3.    Socialize Often

Isolation helps to perpetuate a pornography addiction. It makes it easier for a person to indulge in those kinds of movies without any restraint.

So, if you want to overcome your addiction to porn, socialize a lot.

  • Attend the social events around your neighborhood.
  • Join your old schoolmates when they have balls and dinners.
  • Join neighborhood -based associations that are very active and which keep their members busy.
  • Attend parties, weddings, and church services regularly.
  • Have meetings with other couples in your community so that you can discuss ways of improving your relationships. Keep yourself busy all the time.

By doing these things, you will be so occupied that you will not find the time to watch pornography.


4.    Review Your Friendships

Some men and women started viewing porn after they were introduced to it by friends or family members. Additionally, those who introduced them to the habit sometimes continue to help them to feed the habit by continuing to suggest adult material to their victims.

  • So, reconsider your association with such people. Breakup with them. When they visit you and suggest that you watch porn together, be assertive.  Firmly inform them that you will no longer view that stuff and warn them never to make such suggestions to you again.
  • If your partner is the one who is encouraging you to watch porn, have a discussion with him or her and tell them that you want to stop watching such stuff because it is affecting you emotionally and psychologically. Moreover, inform them you don’t want them to watch porn movies when you are around.
  • Avoid places where people crack sexual jokes. If you are in the office and your coworkers are cracking ribald jokes to each other, kindly ask them to stop or leave the scene.
  • Furthermore, try to make friends with people who will have a good influence on you. Befriend people who believe in upholding good moral values and who can help you in the times when you are weak.


5.    Improve Your Relationship With Your Partner

Some men and women start watching pornography because they have a poor relationship with their partner. They feel the relationship is boring or they find it difficult to bond with their partner, and so porn offers them an alternative form of intimacy and attachment.

Therefore, have a  discussion with your partner. Point out to him or her weaknesses in the relationship  and make suggestions about ways in which you can, together, relate to each other better and, as a result, create a more satisfying relationship.

By taking this action, you will learn to create a meaningful and satisfying relationship with your partner which will help you to get the satisfaction you need. Consequently, you will stop watching porn.

Furthermore, engage in activities together that will help both of you to bond better as a couple. For example, have frequent dates, go swimming together often, do gardening together, drive together to another town and so on.


6.    Resist Temptation

Neuroscientists Harvey Milkman and Stanley Sunderwirth suggest that pornography acts on the brain in the same way that synthetic drugs act on the brain. In other words, pornography is a sort of “drug” that is very addictive.

So, you must realize that the addiction is tenacious and so you will crave for it from time to time.

One way to deal with these cravings is to build your capacity to resist the temptation to view porn.

How can you do that?

  • View the cravings as an opportunity to make you stronger and better. See the cravings as an opportunity which will give you the chance to prove to yourself that you really love your partner. When the cravings come, say to yourself, “I have the chance to show that I really love Isaac. I will not watch porn. I will remain faithful to Isaac.” That will give you the strength to resist the urge.
  • Use the defense of self-respect. When the cravings are very strong, say something such as this to yourself, “Watching porn is emotional infidelity. I must change. I am a respectable man. I must maintain my dignity. I want to remain faithful to my partner. I will not degrade myself. I will not devalue my worth by watching it.”
  • Remind yourself that you cannot escape yourself—you will continue to live with your memories, the bad mistakes you make and the memories of watching all those porn movies, and if you give in to temptation and watch the movie, you will continue to be miserable because those memories will continue to haunt you—your conscience will continue to fight with you and unfortunately you cannot hide from your conscience.
  • Use the defense of those who love you and who you love. Think about how continuing to watch porn can hurt your relationship further and how it will make your lover or spouse unhappy. Remind your yourself of how sad your partner was when you admitted you had this problem. Let it make you have pity on your partner.
  • Read Matthew 4 of the Bible and learn how Jesus dealt with temptation. Then, pray to Jesus to help you to resist the urge to watch pornography.
  • When the cravings get very strong, ask yourself, “What do I gain when I watch those movies? What will I gain if I give in once again and watch the movie?” Pause and think about it for a minute or two. Then ask yourself again, “What benefits will I gain? Is it worth the cost? Is it worth it to watch it and get just a few seconds of pleasure and suffer a bad or broken relationship?” Continue thinking about the cost of engaging in the habit. By doing so, you will see that there is no need to give in to the temptation.
  • Ask yourself, “What will I lose if I watch the porn movie? I will lose my dignity. I will lose my self-respect. I will waste time, energy, and money. I will disturb my spirit. I will destabilize my emotions and my mental state. I will not be happy with myself. My conscience will be seared.” Pause for a moment and reflect on the ways in which you will lose. Then, shake your head, resolve not to watch it, and say something such as, “No! No! I won’t do it.” If you are alone, go to a place where there are a lot of people, or call your partner and tell him or her that the cravings are strong so that he or she can encourage you and distract you.
  • Plan in advance how you are going to deal with the cravings to watch porn. Write down a detailed action plan stating exactly what you will do when you feel like watching porn, and let your partner or a therapist make inputs into the plan. This can increase your ability to resist the cravings when they attack you.
  • Read porn addiction recovery articles and addiction recovery stories so that you can learn how others are resisting the cravings. Then, use some of those ideas to fight the cravings.


7.    Practice the Presence of Jesus

Jesus is not just a character in the Bible. He is a Living Being who sees everything and knows everything. Furthermore, He is everywhere. And the good news is that when He came to earth, He was also exposed to temptations but He overcame them all.

Remind yourself that Jesus is right there beside you, when you feel like watching a porn movie. Reminding yourself that He is with you wherever you are, or thinking that He is near you, can help you to check yourself when the cravings grow strong, if you fear Jesus.

Knowing Jesus is near you will make you act with caution and circumspection. Furthermore, say to yourself, “Jesus is here with me. He has warned us of judgment if we sin. Watching porn is a sin. I don’t want Him to judge me. I will resist the urge. Jesus, merciful and gracious Savior, I know you are here. Jesus, who was anointed by God to set the captives free. I feel weak. Please help me. Please give me strength to overcome. Amen.”


8.    Strengthen Your Will

When you strengthen your will to say no to porn, you will feel more confident about yourself. Consequently, you will be better able to resist the craving to watch porn which will attack you from time to time.

How can you make your will stronger?

  • Remind yourself every day that you may not stop watching porn all at once. Take things one day at a time. When you are able to go one full day without watching a porn movie, thank God at the end of the day. Congratulate yourself and give yourself a gift or reward so that you can motivate yourself to persevere.
  • Develop powerful habits. Exercise every day and avoid temptation.
  • Read your Bible for ten minutes every day. God’s word can influence your mentality and your spirit so that you will desire to live a clean life. Additionally, meditate on what you read throughout the day. This will help to prevent your mind from wandering to sexual thoughts.
  • Constantly remind yourself of why you have to break this addiction so that you can make a recovery. So ask yourself often, “What is the purpose of trying to deal with this addiction in the first place? What am I trying to achieve? What will I lose if I give in to this bad habit again? Why do I want to change? Think about those questions. By consistently reminding yourself of the answers to these questions, your willpower will grow stronger and you are more likely to stick to your plan to break the addiction.


9.    Practice Self-control Everyday by Modifying Your Habits

One way to learn to control yourself is to modify the way you do routine things. The more you can practice this and change the way you do some routine things, the stronger your willpower will become. This is because when you are able to make small changes to your life and you are able to modify small habits, you increase your capacity to modify big and troublesome habits.

So, start on a small scale.

  • If you are right handed, make conscious efforts to open doors with your left hand.
  • If you love reading thrillers, try reading romance books for a change.
  • If you love eating a bar of chocolate every day, try eating a slice of orange instead.
  • If you have stopped kissing your partner, start doing it again.
  • If you can’t go a day without putting on our laptop or smartphone, try putting them off for one day on weekends. Give them to your partner for safe keeping so that you will not be tempted to switch them on.


10.   Anticipate Temptations and Setbacks

When you anticipate roadblocks in advance, you will be prepared for them when they come and so you will be able to deal with them better since you would have contemplated that they will come. You will not be surprised and this increases the likelihood that you can resist the temptation to view porn.


11.  Be Patient With Yourself and With Your Partner

When you backslide and watch porn, do not be too hard on yourself. Forgive yourself and determine to persevere. Moreover, do not conclude that the relapse is a permanent failure. Rather, see it as just a setback.

Accordingly, take inspiration from Proverbs 24 v 16 in the Bible which says, “…for a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again.”

Then, say something such as this to yourself, “I am not a failure yet. It is the person who stops trying who is a failure. The downfall of a man is not the end of his life. I may have failed today, but I will succeed tomorrow. I have lost a battle but I have not lost the war. I will win! I shall overcome! Somehow, someway, I will make it through! I will defeat this addiction!”

Besides, focus on the times when you experienced victories. Say something such as this to yourself, “The whole of last week I did not watch porn for even one second. Two months ago too, on one Sunday, I went the whole day without watching a porn movie. I have achieved some successes in the past. I can achieve more successes today and in the future. I will not give up! I will fight on! I will persevere! There is hope for tomorrow!” Such affirmations can help you to reinforce your successes rather than dwell on your setbacks.

Additionally, learn to stretch your patience when your partner gets impatient with you because he or she does not see any progress from you. Doing this will prevent you from getting discouraged and relapsing.


12.  See a Therapist

If you find it hard to defeat the addiction after all these efforts, see a professional.

Before you go to see him or her, disabuse your mind of thoughts that suggest that the therapist will judge you. Rather, remind yourself that the therapist is there to help you.

Find an experienced therapist who has been dealing with addiction cases for years. If you will feel comfortable with moral support, kindly ask your partner to accompany you when you go for therapy sessions.

When you see the professional, be honest with him or her. Tell the professional about everything, including how it started, where it started, who introduce you to it and so on.

Do not leave out any little details even if you think they are embarrassing or if you think they will make you feel uncomfortable. Such information can help the professional to draw up a comprehensive program to help you beat the porn addiction and get back on the road to recovery.


13.  Pray

The Bible says in Matthew 19 v 26 that, “ …with God all things are possible.”

Prayer is one very effective way to overcome an addiction to pornography. I am a living testimony to that fact. I struggled with this addiction for years but after consistent prayer and regular Bible reading, God has delivered me from the addiction. The same God who delivered me can deliver you too, if you have faith in Him.

So, pray consistently every day. Back it up with Bible reading. Pray in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening because this addiction is a very, very, very difficult habit to break and so you need to be very serious about praying.

You may pray a prayer such as, “Dear God, Heavenly Father, I thank you for giving me life. I thank you for giving me this body, which is Your temple. Unfortunately, I am destroying your temple by watching pornography. God, I enjoy watching it. It gives me great pleasure but I know it is a sin. Lord of hosts, God of war, Strong Deliverer, Helper of the helpless, God who through Jesus cast out demons from people afflicted with all manner of diseases, please help me to break the addiction to pornography. God who opens the prison of bondage to those who are bound please set me free from this addiction! Help me to resist the cravings that attack me from time to time. Save me, Jehovah! Deliver me, Mighty One! Save me and save my relationship. Amen.”


14.  Sing Spiritual Songs to Yourself

Read 2 Chronicles 20 of the Bible when the desire to watch porn becomes very strong. Let that story, in which God defeated the enemies of Judah after they had sung praises and worship to Him, encourage you to believe that God will fight for you and defeat the wrong desire.

Then, start humming or whistling your favorite inspirational song or gospel song. Progress to singing it with passion and vigor.

Alternatively, switch to a radio station where they are playing gospel songs or listen to your favorite gospel CD or DVD.

Taking the actions above will strengthen your spirit and put a desire to do the right thing in your heart. Consequently, you will be able to resist the evil desire.



People sometimes develop addictions easily and the recovery can take some time to materialize. So, give yourself time. Keep hoping for the best as you apply these strategies and you will get to the point where you will never desire to watch porn again in your life.

God be with you and help you! Amen!








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5 Smart Ways to Help Yourself Overcome Procrastination

ways help procrastination
Procrastination Can Cost You Money


You prefer to watch the soccer game between Accra Great Olympics and Kumasi Asante Kotoko although you have a lot of work to do. You tell yourself you will do the assignment later, although this is the best time for you to tackle it. Yes, procrastination has gripped you and you must find ways to help yourself overcome procrastination so that you will not be disgraced or become stressed out and die as a result! That’s right! Procrastination can lead to stress which can send you to the grave!

So, what are some of the ways you can help yourself and also work with others to help you overcome procrastination so that you can make the most of the time you have on your hands? What are the ways to avoid procrastination so that you can live a fruitful life?

1.    Make Your Work Easier to Do

In the Bible, when Jesus was confronted with the enormous task of feeding 5,000 men, besides women and children with only five loaves and two fishes, He made the people sit down in groups before He fed them. Do you know why? It was to break down the enormous task into smaller tasks so that the task would become easier to do.

Sometimes the reason why we procrastinate is that we look at the enormity of a task and feel, “This is too daunting for me. I can’t do it now. I might as well postpone it for I do not feel I can do it now. Maybe I can tackle this later.” One of the ways to stop procrastinating is to make things easier for yourself by breaking tasks which look like “Goliath” into smaller tasks. This will make your job seem manageable and it will make you more willing to tackle it immediately.

2.    Get a Peer Reviewer

There is an Ashanti proverb which says, “He who is clearing a path to the farm does not know whether the part of the path he has already cleared behind him is crooked or straight.” In other words, everybody needs someone to remind him when he is losing focus on life.

Therefore, get someone you trust, love, and admire to help you check procrastination in your life. Report your struggles and failures to this person so that he or she can encourage you. Exchange ideas about what you can do to manage yourself better so that you can use your time profitably. This is one of the great ways to prevent procrastination.

Choose someone who can help to keep you on your toes. This person can be a school mate, church member, work colleague, or family member. He or she must be a serious person who has a habit of getting things done on time and who can push you to make you do your best. This is one of the ways to avoid procrastination and laziness.

3.    Spend Time with Focused, “Time Conscious” People

You know the friends and family relations whose words and actions inspire you to make an effort to be more serious about your job or your schooling.  One of the ways to help prevent  procrastination, whether you are in college or a worker, is to spend more time with some of these people. You will realize that with time you will start adopting some of the positive aspects of their character—you will also start taking deadlines and tasks seriously and you will do your best to finish a task when it is given to you.

4.    Make Things Simple for Yourself

Do not wait for the “perfect” time to do your tasks. There is no “perfect” time. The time to do that job or assignment is the time called “now”! It all starts with the mind. Therefore, make up your mind that you will start a task immediately it is assigned to you. Tackle the easier parts of the task which require minimum effort first and then do the harder parts. This is one of the cool ways to help yourself defeat procrastination.

5.    Take Action

Take that bold step and face up to the challenge by choosing to solve the problem immediately instead of choosing to solve it later. Remind yourself that there is no way the work can get done unless you do it. Tell yourself that you can give yourself a deserved break after you have finished the task as a reward for your effort and that can motivate you to tackle the task at hand immediately. This is one of the best ways to help stop procrastination.


Some of the ways to help yourself beat  procrastination are to reduce your tasks into small bits that are easy to handle, get someone to keep you on your toes, spend time with motivated, result-oriented people as well as making things simple for yourself and choosing to act to finish a task. This will set you on the way to becoming a more productive person  so that you can achieve more with your life.


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4 Amazing Online Business Ideas for Introverts

online business ideas for introverts
Online Business Ideas for Introverts

Source: Pixabay


Do you know you can also make a lot of money doing business on the internet, if you are a quiet, reserved person? There are jobs that such people can do easily and conveniently  in the comfort of their homes, away from people who may intimidate them. In this article, I want to share with you some online business ideas which are good for introverts and which can help you to earn decent money, that is if you are prepared to work very hard.

Ready to discover some of the best online business ideas for introverts? Then here we go!

1.    Write Articles

I am an introvert myself and I know we don’t talk often but think a lot. We find it easy to generate ideas, some of them fantastic ideas which can solve the problems of other people and which can impact lives. I am sure you also have this ability. You can use the ideas you generate to make money by organizing them into articles which you can share with the rest of the world via the internet.

One place you can share your ideas is Hubpages. They offer you a free platform to let the world know all about  the awesome ideas  in your head as well as giving you an opportunity to make new friends. The best part of writing at Hubpages is that the articles you write there can earn you money! Isn’t that awesome! Some writers earn up to $800, some even more, on this website. Don’t you think it is great that you can kill two stones with one bird on this platform? (Oh no! It’s the other way round, isn’t it!)

2.    Write eBooks

One of the great online business ideas for introverts you may consider is to write eBooks and publish them. You may choose to write about what interests you. For example, if you love birds, you can write an interesting eBook about birds so that other people who also like birds can purchase your book and learn a few things they do not know about birds.

Alternatively, you may choose to write about topics that are trending on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Visit the Kindle marketplace and browse through the books that are selling very well. In addition, read the reviews readers leave at the end of the eBooks. Note eBooks that have an average review of four stars or higher. Read some of them and let them inspire you to come up with titles and content for your own eBooks. Do further research, write an eBook, and market it on platforms such as Goodreads, Kindlemojo and other eBook marketing websites.

3.    Editing and Proofreading

If you have experience doing the above, you can make money by reading the works of writers and authors, and editing it and proofreading it, for a fee. Visit a website such as Upwork or Guru and create a free account. Create a great profile and add Editing and Proofreading to your profile as one of the skills you have. Then, search for editing and proofreading jobs.

4.    Social Media Manager

Some businesses employ people to post articles to their Facebook, Twitter, PInterest, Linkedin, Instagram, or Google Plus pages. Others too contract people who are familiar with these social media platforms to post links to their pages and also to Social Media groups.

You can do this job by opening an account with a website such as Freelancer. Read their Help and FAQs pages so that you can educate yourself about exactly what you need to do to be successful on that website. Make your profile attractive so that you can attract clients and then search for social media jobs.


These are some of the opportunities you can take advantage of, if you are a shy person who finds it difficult to work around other people. Take the online business ideas for introverts  outlined above and run with them. Act on the advice in this article and use the opportunities to change your destiny.


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7 Credible Ways to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

increase your chances of getting pregnant
How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Source: Pixabay


Some women who find it easy to conceive sometimes joke that, “even if I eat an orange I will get pregnant!” Other women, however, go through all sorts of frustration and pain in their attempt to conceive. If you are having a tough time conceiving, I want to share with you ways in which you can increase your chances of getting pregnant, so that you can become a mother and feel happy.

Are you ready to learn some of the best ways to increase your chances of getting pregnant? Then read on…

1.    Be Careful of the Sodas

A study conducted in 2012 showed that women who drink a certain amount of soda every day have a lower fertility rate than women who do not drink soda. Therefore, reduce your intake of sodas or stop drinking them at all. Instead of drinking a soda, choose to drink a fruit juice or drink the juice of natural fruits often so that you can maintain your fertility and increase your chances of getting pregnant. This is one of the easy ways to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

2.    Eat Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are one of the foods you can eat to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Studies have shown that eating Brazil nuts can help to make a woman more fertile thereby increasing the chances that she can get pregnant. Therefore, consume Brazil nuts on a regular basis. Eat some of it just before you start romance-in-bed with your husband and also after you have your breakfast and dinner. This is one of the simple ways to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

3.    Eat Tiger Nuts

You can help increase your chances of getting pregnant by eating Tiger nuts. Research has shown that Tiger nuts can increase fertility in both men and women. Hence, make it a point to eat Tiger nuts whenever you can. Chew a handful of raw Tiger nuts after you have your breakfast and again after you eat your dinner. Moreover, let your husband eat them too so that he can also become more fertile. Put some Tiger nuts in the mouth of your husband between rounds of making love to make this time a more romantic experience.

4.    Control Your Weight

You can increase your chances of getting pregnant if you avoid becoming overweight or underweight. Medical experts agree that being overweight can affect your chances of getting pregnant. On the other hand too, women who are underweight also have it tough when trying to conceive. Therefore, do vigorous exercises every day and eat foods that will not make you put on fat, if you are overweight. If you are underweight, seek the help of a doctor or nutritionist to help you gain the right weight.

Controlling your weight will help to make your chances of getting pregnant better.

5.    Let Your Husband Protect His Sperms

Doctors agree that heat can destroy the quality of the sperms a man produces negatively. Exposing the scrotal sac, and therefore the testes which produce sperms, to heat can lead to a reduction of the number of sperms the man produces, and this can affect the fertility of the man. As a result, your husband may find it difficult impregnating you.

Therefore, let your husband stay away from the heat in your kitchen, let him wear cotton underpants, and let him wear loose boxer shorts instead of tight-fitting synthetic underpants.

6.    Have Sex During Your Fertile Period

According to Dr. Philip Imler and Dr. David Wilbanks of the American Pregnancy Association, there are six days during your menstrual cycle on which you can get pregnant. These six days include the five days leading up to the day you ovulate, and the day of ovulation itself. Therefore, have a lot of sex during this period. To increase your chances of getting pregnant, have sex early in the morning and also in the night after close of work.

If you have irregular periods, then you can increase your chances of getting pregnant by having sex anytime between the 6th and 21st days of your menstrual cycle. Do not forget that you must know the signs of ovulation before you can use this strategy effectively .

7.    Pray

God is the One who makes a woman conceive after her husband has done his part and science has also done its part. He is the God who made Rachel conceive after years of barrenness. He is the God who made Hannah conceive after she had found it difficult getting pregnant for some years. What He did for these women He can do for you too.

Therefore, make supplication to Him and tell Him to help you conceive. Pray a prayer such as, “Dear Father, it hurts me every time I see my friends and family members playing with their babies. I also want to experience the joy of carrying a baby for nine months and then holding him in my arms when he is born. Please help me to get pregnant so that I can also experience the joys of motherhood.  Amen.”

After the prayer, continue to have faith in God and be patient. Persevere in prayer and do not worry or  fear. In His time, just as He helped Rachel and Hannah to have children, He will help you too to conceive.


If you eat the right foods, control your weight, have sex at the proper time every month, and pray, you can increase your chances of getting pregnant. If you continue to find it difficult to conceive even after following these tips, don’t give up. Continue to do them and persevere in prayer and in due time you will also say the words “darling I am pregnant” to your husband.


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5 Practical Ways to Cope with a Miscarriage

cope with a miscarriage
How to Cope with a Miscarriage

Source: Pixabay


Some women have to cope with a miscarriage after coming to love their baby and after bonding with him. Let’s take the case of Yaa Agyemang, for example. She was looking forward to have her next baby, although she had one other child.

“Kofi Mensah was a baby who kicked as though he was a professional soccer player. He kept me awake at night with his kicking and I often told him to be patient, for the time to play for Accra Great Olympics had not arrived yet. I can still remember his first little kicks, like gentle, loving nudges. Each time he moved, my heart burned with love for him. I knew him so well that I could feel his pain and his joy,” Yaa says.

Unfortunately for Yaa, Kofi turned over violently one night and was pronounced dead the next morning.

If you are one of the women who have suffered a miscarriage, how do you cope with a miscarriage?

1.    Deal with Anger

You may feel angry with the doctors and nurses because you may think they did not do enough to save your baby. Thinking in such a manner will only make you bitter which will only worsen your emotional condition and make you feel miserable.

Right after the miscarriage, talk to a friend or family member you trust. Tell him or her about how you feel, about your fears, worries, anger and so on. This will help to free you of the destructive effects of bottling everything inside you and it will make you feel emotionally relieved. This is an excellent way to cope with anger after a miscarriage.

2.    Do Not Let Other People Tell You How to React

Often when a person suffers a misfortune or tragedy, people are quick to give all sorts of advice. They may tell you to stop crying when you are mourning the loss of your baby, or tell you to show more grief when they see you look happy.

Everyone has his way of handling a big disappointment. Thus, be comfortable about however you choose to deal with the misfortune. If you feel like crying, cry your heart out. On the other hand, if you are strong enough not to feel too disappointed about the loss, be joyful and feel content with yourself. Do not let those around you dictate to you how you should respond to the miscarriage. This is the best way to cope with having a miscarriage.

3.    Exercise

Exercising is one thing you can do to cope with a miscarriage. This activity will make your body release a group of chemicals known as endorphins which can make you feel calm, relaxed,  and at peace with yourself so that you will not be too worried. It is a great way to cope with anxiety after a miscarriage.

Furthermore, exercising will help to keep you occupied so that you will not think about the misfortune too much. To make your periods of exercising more interesting, play your favorite music while you exercise to put you in a good mood.

Here is an easy exercise you can do at home to make you feel relaxed.

  1. Lie on your bed and breathe in deeply. Then, breathe out.
  2. Tighten your toe muscles, then the muscles of your legs.
  3. Keep on tightening all the muscles in your body, then, finally, clench your fingers.
  4. Slowly, relax all the muscles you have tightened. Let the feeling that you are relaxing creep up through your whole body.
  5. Reverse the order of the exercise by first tightening the muscles of your fingers and then proceeding to tighten the muscles of your arms, abdomen and so on.
  6. Breathe in deeply again at the end of the exercise, then breathe out.


Do this exercise early in the morning when you wake up and also in the evening before you have your bath.

4.    Eat the Right Foods

One good way to cope with miscarriage depression is to eat foods that can help to keep you in the right mood. Certain foods can help you to feel good about yourself as well as help you to fight the depression that may want to attack you. Some of these foods are: dark green leafy vegetables, Avocados, berries, and oranges. Therefore, eat a lot of these foods after you have the miscarriage and you will feel great so that you can get on with life.

5.    Pray

God comforts those who look to Him for emotional strength when they face tragedy and suffering. He has got the track record and so can help you to deal with your miscarriage. He is the God who strengthened Job when the latter experienced tragedy. He is the God who strengthened Naomi when she lost her husband and two sons.

Pour out your heart to Him in prayer and seek His support. You can pray a prayer such as, “Dear God, I am very sad that my baby died. I am so hurt and disappointed. But Lord, I must going on living. Please help me to cope with the miscarriage pain. Give me grace so that I can continue with my life. Please give me strength to cope with this miscarriage loss. Please help me to have joy in spite of the situation because I know there is hope for tomorrow, as you say in Your Word. Heal my emotional pain and help me to think good and positive thoughts. Amen.”


Dealing with the disappointment of losing the baby, keeping yourself physically active, and eating foods that will help you to fight depression are all good ways to cope with a miscarriage. In addition, look beyond your circumstances and remind yourself that, with God’s help, you can have another baby. Let that thought encourage you to forget the loss and to keep on living.


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8 Easy Ways to Break a Sugar Addiction


how to break sugar addiction
How to Break a Sugar Addiction

Source: Pixabay


Do you know eating a lot of sugar can increase your chances of dying out of heart disease? That’s right! Research has shown that consuming too much of the sweet stuff can give you a quick visa to “Ghostland.”That is why you must do whatever it takes to break a sugar addiction, if you are “imprisoned” by this habit.

“How can I break a sugar addiction?” you may be asking. I want to show you ways in which you can overcome that addiction and live a healthy life.

It all begins in the morning.

1.    Do Not Skip Breakfast

You are more likely to crave for a bar of candy or a bar of chocolate when you skip breakfast. Therefore, to break an addiction to sugar, make sure you eat the first meal of the day. Start your day with a nutrient-rich diet. You may choose to eat a bowl of corn porridge, oatmeal, or wheat with a few slices of bread and slices of oranges, pineapples, or bananas.

2.    Do Not Buy Sugar

Omit sugar from your shopping list. When you get to the shop, intentionally avoid the section where sugar is sold, if you want to break free of a sugar addiction. If you have to go where sugar is on sale, say to yourself, “I am determined to break this sugar addiction. I will not look at the sugar on the shelves and I will not buy it.” Motivate yourself and discipline yourself mentally and it will keep you from growing weak as well as strengthen your resolve not to buy the sugar.

3.    Substitute a Fruit for Sugar

Keep a bowl of fresh fruits, preferably sweet fruits such as bananas or mangoes, by your bedside. When you wake up in the night and feel as though you want to eat sugar, peel one of the bananas and eat it or drink the juice of a mango. Continue with this habit. You will see that with time you will get so used to eating a fruit instead of eating sugar that you will not crave for sugar anymore. This is one great way to break a refined sugar addiction.

4.    Add Milk to Your Diet

One thing you can do to break a severe sugar addiction is to consume milk because studies have shown that a protein found in milk increases the amount of serotonin your body releases, when you drink milk. Serotonin can help you to “feel good” just as sugar makes you feel good when you consume it.

5.    Do Not Make It Easy to “Fall”

Do not make it more difficult to break sugar cravings by keeping sugar in the fridge or cupboard in the kitchen. If someone else in the house likes eating sugar, let that person keep the sugar in his or her room. Instead of sugar, keep fruits and vegetables in the kitchen.

6.    Boost Your Power to Say “No” to Sugar

You will need to exercise a lot of self-control, if you want to break sugar cravings once and for all. It requires that you learn to strengthen your willpower.

How do you boost your willpower to resist the urge to eat sugar?

  • Take life one day at a time. When you are able to avoid eating sugar for a day, congratulate yourself at the end of the day and make confessions such as “I will succeed tomorrow too” to help you keep focused on your aim.
  • Research has shown that developing good habits can help you to develop a stronger will. Therefore, develop positive habits such as reading whenever you are bored. Furthermore, throw yourself into household chores whenever you start craving for sugar. Clean the carpet, paint the flower vases, or mow the lawn. Occupy yourself till the cravings subside.
  • Remind yourself of the consequences of eating sugar, every day. This will give you the motivation you need to continue saying “no” to sugar.
  • Remind yourself of the benefits of breaking the sugar addiction, often. It will help you to persevere and that will make the will to succeed grow stronger in your spirit.

7.    Be Accountable to Someone

Reach out to somebody you love and trust, such as your wife, boyfriend, or child, whenever  you are alone in the house and feel as if you want to eat sugar, if you want to break the addiction of sugar. If that person is in the house, spend time talking to the person until the craving subsides. On the other hand, if the person is not available when the craving for sugar attacks you, call that person and talk to him or her. This will give you the assurance that you have the support of people who love you and want the best for you and that will encourage you to keep on fighting.

8.    Pray

God can help you to break your addiction if you still struggle after you have done all that you can do. The Bible says in Psalms 146 : 7 that, “The Lord sets the prisoners free.” He can help you to control yourself so that you can break your addiction to sugar.

All it takes is for you to pray in faith. Pray a prayer such as, “Dear God, I know the harm sugar does to a person. I am addicted to sugar but I want to break this addiction. Please help me to control myself. I have been trying for some time but I fail every time I try. However, I know you can do the impossible. I know you can help me to beat this addiction. Please give me the strength to break the sugar addiction and also the fortitude to stay free forever after I have overcome this addiction. Amen.”


If you want to break a sugar addiction, you must start your day with a nutritious meal, keep sugar away from the house, make changes to your eating habits as well as boost your willower. In addition to these, seek Divine assistance too. Doing these things will help to set you free forever so that you do not take an early trip to “Ghostland”.

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How to Potty Train Your Child

Pix. 1. You have to potty train your child well after carrying him for nine months

potty train your child

Source: Pixabay


Potty training is one of the issues that will come up as your baby grows and starts eating solid food. Some mothers wonder whether there is a right age at which to give a child toilet training. Others are curious about whether there are methods that a mother can use to make toilet training easy and fun. There are techniques you can use to potty train your child and I want to share some of them with you in this article. 

Should You Potty Train Your Child?

Many child specialists agree that it is not necessary to train your baby from birth. They think it is harmful for they believe that a small baby feels good when he passes his motion and soils himself because he feels the motion are his creation, something which belongs to him and which he cherishes.

Age to Potty Train Your Child

“What is the best age to potty train your child?” some mothers ask.It is quite impossible to train a child until he has learnt to control his urine and motions. A baby will muster the art of controlling the urge to urinate and to move his bowels after he is one year old.

If you are too strict with your baby before this control is established, you will only make your child hate the chamber pot. He will become stubborn and have frequent tantrums. So, forget all about potty training your child until he is well over a year.

Fastest Way to Potty Train Your Child

If you can get a small seat with a potty under it, you may find that your baby may consent to sit on it for a few minutes. If he obliges by passing a motion, be careful not to carry away the potty or show signs of disgust. Let him carry his pot to the toilet and help you to flush it away. Praise him after you flush the toilets to encourage him to adopt that habit. If he enjoys the game you will find that he will oblige you again and again as time goes on. This is one of the fun ways to potty train your child.

Potty Training Your Strong- Willed Child

A strong-willed child may refuse to sit down, or get up before he has performed. The best you can do is to coax him to sit on the chamber pot. You may also choose to take him to the toilet where you should sit on the seat and laugh to show him that moving the bowels is a fun thing to do.

Another way you can potty train this kind of child is to give him a reward, such as a kiss and a moment of cuddling, whenever he finishes with the act. If he sees that every time he obliges you he gets kiss and a show of love, he would be more willing to move his bowels.

Easy Ways to Potty Train Your Child

It is a good idea to leave a part of a toddler’s training almost entirely to himself in the first year. Just say “wee-wee” when he urinates and “pooh-pooh” when he soils himself so that he will associate those actions with those words.

During your baby’s second year, he will become more aware of wetting or soiling himself. It will make him more conscious of what he is doing. You will realize that in no time he will say “wee-wee” or “pooh-pooh” before he wets or soils himself.

How to Potty Train Your Child at Night

Give your baby liquids and fluids mainly in the morning and afternoon but refrain from giving him any fluids or liquids after  5.00 p.m. so that he can urinate most of these liquids and fluids before you go to bed. With time his bladder will learn to hold on until the morning and, consequently, he will not wet himself at night and cry to disturb you.

Also, wake your child up at 10.00 p.m. or thereabouts. Ask him if he wants to “pooh-pooh” so that you can help him to move his motions before you sleep.

How Not to Potty Train Your Child

There are a few things you must avoid when you want to potty train your child:

  • Do not force him to pass a motion if he does not want to. Do not nag at him too much or else you will make him withhold his movements for days and become constipated.
  • Avoid too much fuss and anxiety. Fussing around the child will make him tense and he may take a longer time to gain control over himself because tense, highly-strung children take a longer time to attain control than relaxed ones.


If you want to potty train your child in a way that will be less stressful and make the child co-operate, then you must refrain from putting pressure on the child to kow-tow to your ways, but give him some freedom to be a child. This will make the child more willing to move his motions to please you.


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2 Easy Recipes to Cook with Cowpeas

Pix. 1. You can cook easy recipes with cowpeas which is a nutritious food

easy recipes to cook



Cowpeas,  Vigna unguiculata, is a very nutritious food to eat. According to Stanton (1966), cowpeas (black-eyed peas) contains about 20-25 % protein. Furthermore, Stanton states that its protein value is double that of most cereals.  In this article, I want to share with you two easy recipes you may choose to cook with this highly nutritious food: cowpea pie and cowpea cutlets.

Cowpea Pie

The ingredients you will need in order to prepare cowpea pie are

  • 340g of cowpeas or about 2 milk cups
  • 150g of rice or the equivalent of one milk cup
  • ground smoked herrings or any powdered fish you can lay your hands on. Measure about 90g of the powdered fish into a bowl.
  • I medium-sized onion
  • 3 small pieces of tomatoes or one large tomato
  • 1 teaspoon of powdered pepper
  • a teaspoon of salt
  • 4 tablespoonsful of cooking oil
  • 2000 ml of water for cooking the rice (10 milk cups)
  • 2 tablespoonsful of margarine
  • 7 tablespoonsful of wheat flour



  1. Cook the cowpeas and rice until they are both soft, then mash them together.
  2. Prepare  a gravy using the oil, blended tomatoes, onion, pepper, powdered fish, and salt.
  3. When the gravy is ready, add about half of it to the cooked rice and cowpeas.
  4. Make a pastry using the wheat flour and margarine.
  5. Grease the inner lining of a baking dish with some of the cooking oil.
  6. Pour the pastry into the dish and bake it in a moderately hot oven for about 30 minutes.
  7. When cooked, spread the remaining gravy on the baked pie and serve it.

Cowpea Cutlets

The table below shows what you need to cook this meal and the quantity of each ingredient you need to use.

Table 1. Ingredients you need to prepare cowpea cutlets.



Handy Measure

Cowpeas 500g 3 milk cups
Eggs 300g 4 large ones
Tomatoes 240g 2 large ones
Onions 60g 8 large ones
Ground shrimp 20g 1 tablespoon
Bread crumbs 300g 2 milk cups
Cooking oil for the sauce 40 ml 3 tablespoons
Salt 10g 1 teaspoon
Pepper 10g 1 teaspoon
Water for cooking the cowpeas 2400 ml 12 milk cups
Oil for frying 1000 ml 5 milk cups


How to Prepare Cowpea Cutlets

  • Cook the cowpeas until it is soft and dry.
  • Sieve it to get a smooth paste.
  • Prepare a sauce using the oil, blended tomatoes, onion, pepper, shrimps, and salt.
  • Add the sauce to the paste and mix thoroughly.
  • Mold the mixture into cutlet shapes.
  • Brush with a beaten egg and coat with bread crumbs.
  • Repeat till you have used all the eggs.
  • Deep fry and serve hot with salad.


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6 Pleasant Ways to Rid Yourself of Back Fat

Pix. 1. Although it is difficult, it is possible to rid yourself of back fat

rid of back fat

Source: Pixabay


The back is one of the areas of the body where it is very difficult reduce fat. However, with a regimen of targeted exercises and proper dieting,  it is possible to rid yourself of back fat so that you can look great and attractive.

1.    Do a Lot of Cardiorespiratory Exercises

Cardiorespiratory exercises are very effective in getting rid of back fat. Rowing and swimming, for example, can help you to burn calories. In addition, they can leave you with stronger back muscles. Apart from the two exercises mentioned above, bicycling, rope jumping, jogging, running, brisk walking, dancing, and playing soccer will all help you to reduce the overall weight of your body and as a result the amount of fat in your back will decrease.

To get the best results from these exercises, try to exercise for at least 100 hours in a week.

2.    Do Intensive Exercises

Do high intensity exercise for about 20 minutes and then lower the intensity of the exercise for about 10 minutes. So, for example, jump your rope at a frantic pace for the first 20 minutes, continuously. After that, jump your rope at a pace at which you will feel comfortable.

3.    Workout to Get Rid of Back Fat: Back Strengthening Exercises

You can do this exercise easily at home. All you need is to set aside about twenty minutes so that you can go through with it.

  1. Lie flat in a prone position on the floor of your bedroom. If you do not feel comfortable lying on the bare floor, spread a mat on the floor and lie on the mat.
  2. Put your hands at the back of your head.
  3. Try to lift the upper part of your body and your legs off the ground. Raise them as far off the ground as you possibly can.
  4. Repeat it 15 times and relax.
  5. Continue doing this exercise for about 20 minutes.


4.    Use Dumbbells

Pix. 2. Using dumbbells can help you rid yourself of back fat

rid of back fat

Source: Pixabay


Using dumbbells to exercise is one of the ways you can rid yourself of back fat.

  1. Put a dumbbell in each hand. Lift them up to the level of your shoulders. Your palms should face forward.
  2. Extend your hands above your head until they are straight.
  3. Bring the dumbbells down again slowly until they reach your shoulder level.
  4. Repeat 20 times.


5.    Eat Fruits and Vegetables Every Day

Fruits and vegetables are low in calories and, moreover, they contain a lot of nutrients. So, they are good foods to consume if you want to lose weight in any part of your body. You may choose to eat a slice of orange or watermelon in the morning. When you are eating your rice and stew, about half of the plate should contain sliced cabbages, lettuce, spinach, cucumber and so on.

6.    Eat Foods That Will Satisfy You

When you feel hungry often, you will satisfy that desire and as a result gain weight, and so the amount  of your back fat will increase. However, when you eat foods that keep you satisfied for long periods of time, you will be able to reduce the number of times you eat in a day and so you will not gain back fat.

  • Cut sugar from your diet.
  • Eat oatmeal or wheat porridge with bread and a slice of orange for breakfast.
  • Consume healthy fats such as olive oil, avocados, nuts, and seeds every day.
  • Eat bran bread, unpolished rice, and wheat.
  • Citrus fruits contain fiber and can keep you satisfied for long periods of time. Therefore, eat a tangerine or grapefruit or orange a day.
  • Eat proteins such as rabbit meat, beans, duck meat, chicken (without the skin) with starchy carbohydrates (cassava, potatoes, yams), nuts, legumes, and whole grains.



Adopting a lifestyle which involves targeted exercises and eating the right amounts of the right foods and working at your goal in an effective manner can help you lose weight and, as a result, rid yourself of back fat.


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