5 Smart Ways to Help Yourself Overcome Procrastination

ways help procrastination
Procrastination Can Cost You Money


You prefer to watch the soccer game between Accra Great Olympics and Kumasi Asante Kotoko although you have a lot of work to do. You tell yourself you will do the assignment later, although this is the best time for you to tackle it. Yes, procrastination has gripped you and you must find ways to help yourself overcome procrastination so that you will not be disgraced or become stressed out and die as a result! That’s right! Procrastination can lead to stress which can send you to the grave!

So, what are some of the ways you can help yourself and also work with others to help you overcome procrastination so that you can make the most of the time you have on your hands? What are the ways to avoid procrastination so that you can live a fruitful life?

1.    Make Your Work Easier to Do

In the Bible, when Jesus was confronted with the enormous task of feeding 5,000 men, besides women and children with only five loaves and two fishes, He made the people sit down in groups before He fed them. Do you know why? It was to break down the enormous task into smaller tasks so that the task would become easier to do.

Sometimes the reason why we procrastinate is that we look at the enormity of a task and feel, “This is too daunting for me. I can’t do it now. I might as well postpone it for I do not feel I can do it now. Maybe I can tackle this later.” One of the ways to stop procrastinating is to make things easier for yourself by breaking tasks which look like “Goliath” into smaller tasks. This will make your job seem manageable and it will make you more willing to tackle it immediately.

2.    Get a Peer Reviewer

There is an Ashanti proverb which says, “He who is clearing a path to the farm does not know whether the part of the path he has already cleared behind him is crooked or straight.” In other words, everybody needs someone to remind him when he is losing focus on life.

Therefore, get someone you trust, love, and admire to help you check procrastination in your life. Report your struggles and failures to this person so that he or she can encourage you. Exchange ideas about what you can do to manage yourself better so that you can use your time profitably. This is one of the great ways to prevent procrastination.

Choose someone who can help to keep you on your toes. This person can be a school mate, church member, work colleague, or family member. He or she must be a serious person who has a habit of getting things done on time and who can push you to make you do your best. This is one of the ways to avoid procrastination and laziness.

3.    Spend Time with Focused, “Time Conscious” People

You know the friends and family relations whose words and actions inspire you to make an effort to be more serious about your job or your schooling.  One of the ways to help prevent  procrastination, whether you are in college or a worker, is to spend more time with some of these people. You will realize that with time you will start adopting some of the positive aspects of their character—you will also start taking deadlines and tasks seriously and you will do your best to finish a task when it is given to you.

4.    Make Things Simple for Yourself

Do not wait for the “perfect” time to do your tasks. There is no “perfect” time. The time to do that job or assignment is the time called “now”! It all starts with the mind. Therefore, make up your mind that you will start a task immediately it is assigned to you. Tackle the easier parts of the task which require minimum effort first and then do the harder parts. This is one of the cool ways to help yourself defeat procrastination.

5.    Take Action

Take that bold step and face up to the challenge by choosing to solve the problem immediately instead of choosing to solve it later. Remind yourself that there is no way the work can get done unless you do it. Tell yourself that you can give yourself a deserved break after you have finished the task as a reward for your effort and that can motivate you to tackle the task at hand immediately. This is one of the best ways to help stop procrastination.


Some of the ways to help yourself beat  procrastination are to reduce your tasks into small bits that are easy to handle, get someone to keep you on your toes, spend time with motivated, result-oriented people as well as making things simple for yourself and choosing to act to finish a task. This will set you on the way to becoming a more productive person  so that you can achieve more with your life.


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