How Can I Take Good Care of My Newborn Baby?

Pix. 1.  How can I take good care of my newborn baby?

take good care of my newborn baby

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“How can I take good care of my newborn baby?” That is a question some new mothers ask themselves when they consider the responsibility of looking after the frail, little being they bring into the world.

Well, I sympathize with all new mothers who feel apprehensive about taking good care of their babies for it is not an easy task. I share your concern and so have put together this article to give you a few tips so that you can make your baby feel happy.

How Do I Feed My Baby?

You have the choice between doing exclusive breastfeeding for six months or feeding your baby artificially. The choice you make, which should make it easy for you to feel relaxed and comfortable, depends on what you feel is easy.


According to the WHO, “Breast milk is the best food a child will ever have. All substitutes, including cow’s milk, milk-powder solutions, and cereal gruels, are inferior.” Breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby.

If you decide to breastfeed your baby:

  • feed him or her when he wakes up and starts crying because he is hungry. The more often you feed your baby, the more often your breast will be stimulated to secrete more milk.
  • make sure you never become thirsty during a day. Drink three glasses of water, fruit juice, or milk immediately you wake up in the morning (or even four glasses if you can). In the afternoon drink another four glasses of water, and end the day with two glasses of water.
  • you can decide to use the spectra s1 breast pump or spectra s2 breast pump to help you express your breast milk for your baby.

Bottle Feeding

This method will help you to know exactly how much milk your baby takes. But do not forget that it will give you more work to do: you will have to clean the bottles and the teats  and also sterilize the bottle and teats between feeds. In addition, you will have to cover up the bottles to protect them from being infected.


If You Can’t Breastfeed

There are some mothers who, though they would like to breastfeed their babies, cannot breastfeed. You do not need to feel guilty, disappointed, or become defensive when others talk about the wonderful moments they have when they breastfeed their babies.

All you need to do is to choose a good brand of artificial feed and to use that brand consistently to feed your baby. When you are about to feed your baby, hold him snugly in your arms and let his cheek brush against your breast so that he can get the feeling of being close to you while you give him the bottle.

Whilst feeding him

  • ensure the hole in the teat is large enough or else your baby will get tired sucking and he may not get enough milk;
  • keep a fair amount of pull on the bottle so that your baby has to tug a little;
  • hold the bottle tilted so that the teat is always full of milk; and
  • burp your baby half way through the feed and also at the end of the feed.


Baby’s Motions

For the first few days after you give birth to your baby, he will pass stool which may be greenish-black in color. This motion, which is known as meconium, is normally smooth and sticky. As time goes on, your baby’s motions will change in color.

Your baby may do only one or two motions a day in the first few months after you come home from the hospital. If he gets constipated, give him more frequent or longer feeds or stop giving your baby sugar, especially white granulated sugar. Furthermore, make sure you give your baby enough liquid. If your baby seems fretful while awake, give him water with a little fruit juice added. Giving your baby two drinks in the morning, two in the afternoon, and two in the evening will help him to move his bowels easily.


Taking Care of Your Baby in Summer

Small babies feel very uncomfortable when the weather is hot. There are a variety of things you can do to help your baby keep cool and comfortable when the temperatures hit the roof between June and August.


Dress your baby in natural fabrics such as cotton or finely knitted wool. Avoid dressing your baby with clothes made from synthetic products. If your baby is very young, dress  him in a light gown, a vest, and a light wool jacket. Older babies—three months on—can wear cotton dresses which allow their legs the freedom to kick.

How to Protect His Eyes

A baby can easily get red-rimmed watery eyes if the summer sunlight is too strong. Dark colors near the eyes of the baby can help to reduce much of the glare. Therefore, dress your baby in green, blue, or brown instead of white before you take him for a walk in the sun.


If you feed your baby well, make sure he passes stools regularly, and ensure he is comfortable during summer, you will have no need to ask the question, “How can I take good care of my newborn baby?” because your baby will be happy and you will be happy as well.


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