4 Important Qualities of a Good Mother Every Mother Must Develop

Pix. 1. One of the qualities of a good mother is to be a friend to her children

qualities of a good mother

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Two women who were dressed in their best clothes were having a small party in a restaurant. A friend saw them and came over to their table to greet them. “What’s the special occasion?” she asked. One of the women said, “We’re having a birthday party for my baby. He’s 2 years old today.” “But, where’s the baby?” the friend asked. The baby’s mother answered, “Oh, I dropped him off at my mother’s house. She’s taking care of him until the party’s over. I don’t think we could have had any fun if he’d been here.”

Doesn’t it sound ridiculous? A birthday party for a baby who was not welcome at his own party? One can argue that the mother in the story above did not show the characteristics of a good mother on this occasion because she neglected to show affection and love for her child on his birthday.

The argument above might lead one to ask, “What are the qualities of a good mother? What are some of the qualities of a good mother every woman with children should aim to develop in her character?”

1.     She is Approachable

If you are a parent, you know that there are times when you are too busy to give your children the attention that they call for. Still, you can assure them that you will make time for them as soon as possible, for one of the qualities a good mother should have is to be approachable. As you keep your word, your child will learn the rewards of patience. He will also learn that he is always welcome to approach you with any problem or care.

As a mother, you must convey to your children the sense that their concerns matter to you. If your child approaches you weighed down with some problem, do not dismiss his concern as trivial. Do not laugh at him. Compared to your problems, the child’s burden may indeed seem insignificant. Remember, though, that it is not trivial to the child. If it matters to the child who is so dear to you and you love so much, should it not matter to you as well?

When your son or daughter confesses that he or she has made some terrible mistake, or when he says something that offends your sensibilities, for example, when he says something profane to your hearing, do your best not to overreact, but try to be mild and reasonable. Keep the lines of communication open and correct the child in love. The ability to control yourself when provoked and to correct in love is one of the qualities of a good mother you should strive for.

2.     She Protects Her Children from Destructive Influences

Let’s say you are about to send your little son to school and it starts raining heavily. What will you do? How will you handle the situation? Will you let him go out into the rain without protective clothing? Of course you will not do that. You will give him something that will keep him dry.

In a similar way, a good mother must find a balanced way to protect her family from the destructive influences that rain down on them from many sources—the entertainment industry, the media, peers, and at times even the school.

Watching pornography is one habit that is destroying a lot of young people all over the world today. For all you know, your children may also be watching it.

One of the qualities of a great mother is that she finds innovative ways to know what her children use their mobile phones and laptops for, the kind of sites they visit frequently, and the kinds of conversations they have on the phone. She also puts anti-pornography software on her children’s phones or laptops so that they are protected from seeing those harmful images.

Another way you can protect your children from viewing pornography, at least in the home, is to buy phones for your young children that cannot be used to browse the internet. If they need information from the internet, let them use your phone at a time when you are not busy and can monitor what sites they go to, in your presence.

One of the great characteristics of a good mother is that she does not give her children a television set of their own. She watches television with them so that she can point out bad characters and bad behaviors in movies and television series to her children in order to counter negative influences and give them the right information.

3.     She Learns How to Teach Them Properly

One of the qualities of an ideal mother is that she knows the proper way to communicate with her  children. The vocabulary of children is limited and so you must know the right kinds of words to use to produce the desired effect in their lives.

A mother who wants her child to enjoy wholesome food does not force huge quantities down his throat. Rather, she prepares it tastefully and encourages him to eat small portions at a time, gradually building his taste for it.

In just the same way, a good mother does not overwhelm her children with too much information at a time. This is what she does:

  1. She lets her words be simple words that they can understand.
  2. She uses short phrases when speaking to them.
  3. She uses plain language that they can grasp easily.
  4. She asks them questions that will give her an incline into what they are thinking.
  5. She uses illustrations that will interest them to teach them about life— illustrations from everyday life, the lives of family members or friends, and also examples from creation.

One of the good qualities of a mother is that she finds the proper way to communicate her ideas to her children so that she can get them to do the right things.

4.     She Seeks Help and Advice from the All-Wise God

The first time that some mothers hold a newborn baby in their arms, all sorts of emotions rise up in them. Some feel deep joy and wonder. For some, there is unease and apprehension: they worry about their ability to take care of the needs of their child.

Given the great influence mothers have on the health and happiness of their children, you may feel a strong need for trustworthy advice on how to be a better mother. And there is no better person to seek advice from than the Heavenly Father who has thousands of years of experience of taking care of His children and knows most about how to raise children than anyone one else. One of the qualities of a good mother is that she humbles herself to seek His help through prayer and reading direct advice and practical examples that can help her become a better mother in the bible. She subsequently does her best to apply what she learns, doing her best to train her children in the fear of the Lord.


Four of the qualities of a good mother are that she opens up to her children so that they can approach her with their problems, she protects them from  the influences of evil forces all around that are threatening to destroy young lives, she teaches her children in ways that will make it easy for them to understand what she wants to show them, and she does not feel too big to ask God for help to train her children.

Do your best to exhibit these characteristics in your life so that you can train your children to become responsible adults you can be proud of. Your children will also be proud to call you “mother.”

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