Vision Board Ideas


Pix. 1.  A vision board

vision board ideas

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A vision board is a fantastic tool you can use to help you visualize your goals for your life so that you can march towards those goals with seriousness, determination, and purpose. It is simple to make, and it can prevent you from getting side-tracked from your dreams and aspirations. There are many good vision board ideas you can tap into to create one of these tools for yourself. I want to share some creative vision board ideas with you to guide you to craft an interesting one for yourself.

Personal Vision Board Ideas

  • Write down your goals. For example you may write, “I want to get married by the age of 25, “ or “I want to make my first million dollars by the age of 35 years, “ or “I want to make straight A’s in school from now on.” Then write down the activities you will engage in in the short term to take you closer to your goal. For example you may write, “I will get to know my female friends better so that, hopefully, I can start a relationship in the next 3 months.”
  • Search for pictures that tell the story you want to produce out of your life—the success you want to achieve in school, the heights you want to get to in your career, or the peace, harmony, and unity you desire for your family. You can easily find many of these pictures in magazines, newspapers, or on the internet. Furthermore, you may take pictures of scenes you see around you that you think can inspire you to be your best.
  • When you have gathered enough pictures that represent your aspirations, get a cardboard, large piece of white paper, or white board. Use glue or cellotape to attach the pictures to the white paper or board in a manner that will make it look attractive.
  • Write inspirational words on the vision board. You may write words such as, “I think I am great person and I will do great things on this Earth,” or “With Faith in God, patience, and perseverance, I know I can overcome any obstacle I will face,” or “With hard work, determination, and a positive mental attitude, I will outmaneuver any obstacle I face in life.”


How to Use Your Vision Board Everyday

Place your vision board at an advantageous place in your room where you can see it immediately you wake up. Read it and meditate for about five minutes, and visualize your dreams. Moreover in the evening just before you sleep, take a few minutes to read it again and ruminate about the things you must do to make your dreams become reality.

Christian Vision Board Ideas

Gather pictures of Jesus and your favorite Bible characters and stick them to your vision board. Then add motivational quotes from the Bible. Some very motivational Bible verses you may consider are, “There is hope for your future,” says the Lord, or “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Anytime you pray and read your Bible, take a few minutes to read your vision board too and ruminate on what you want to achieve in life. In addition, write down some of the commandments of Jesus which you think can help you to overcome the challenges that can prevent you from going to heaven. For example, if you find it hard to forgive people, write down about 5 verses in which Jesus talked about forgiving your enemies on your vision board. If you fall often into the sin of fornication or adultery, write down 5 verses that warn about the consequences of fornication and adultery, and also 5 verses such as the verse that tells the story of the woman caught in adultery, to help you see that though your weakness may be a challenge, there is a way out of it.


If you use some of these vision board ideas as well as the ones you can generate yourself, it will give you with the motivation you need to stir yourself out of your comfort zone and take the appropriate steps to make that wonderful vision you have for yourself a reality.                             Copyright ©2017 All rights reserved Dating Advice for Shy Guys


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