5 Nice Places to Visit in Ghana

Pix. 1.  Lake Bosomtwi as seen from the lakeside resort

nice places to visit in ghana= lake bosomtwi4

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Ghana is a beautiful country located on the West Coast of Africa. It is rich in mineral resources such as gold, diamonds, bauxite , and manganese; it is also rich in flora and fauna as well as nice places you can choose to visit  whenever you are in Ghana.

This country is noted worldwide for the superior-quality cocoa beans it produces which is processed to make the delectable chocolate you can eat.

The country, the birthplace of former UN Secretary- General Kofi Annan, is home to about 25 million hospitable and warm human beings—people as warm as the humid weather of the country who treat foreigners with respect and reverence.

A visit to Ghana  will help you to experience the best kind of hospitality you can get anywhere in the world, make you appreciate the culture of the people better,  give you a wonderful learning experience, and help you to make new friends.

In this article, I want to share with you 5 of the wonderful places you must visit when you come to Ghana. Follow me as I reveal these fine locations to you.

1.     Lake Bosomtwi

Pix. 2.  A fantastic view of Lake Bosomtwi

  nice places to visit in ghana= lake bosomtwi6

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This breathtaking, scenically beautiful  lake is located 21 miles south-east of Ghana’s second city, Kumasi. It is the only real lake in Ghana; it occupies the cavity formed when the top of a volcano blew off. You will marvel at the picturesque setting, the eye-pleasing clear water of the lake, and the verdant vegetation around.

There are a lot of fun things you could do on your visit: you could go for a swim on a warm day to cool your body and in addition play soccer on the beach, or alternately  go for a ride on the lake in a canoe or raft— which are not paddled with oars but with the hands because the lake is sacred—go jogging along the beach in this quiet village and smell the fresh leaves and plants, or tour the surrounding villages.


Pix. 3   The serene atmosphere at the lakeside will help you to de-stress 

nice places to visit in ghana= lake bosomtwi10

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The lake is rich in a delicious type of fish called apatre which can be enjoyed fried or roasted  with jollof rice or fried yams. Check into the Lakeside Resort and taste a delicious local meal such as ampesi (boiled yam and plantain) and kontomire stew, whilst feasting your eyes on the exquisite view of the lake.


2.     The Komfo Anokye Sword

Pix. 4.  The Komfo Anokye Sword

nice places to visit in ghana= anokye2

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This mystical and magical sword is stuck in the ground in the heart of the city of Kumasi, in front of the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, a hospital named after the fetish priest who stuck the sword in the ground. Komfo Anokye is reported to have said that the sword can never be removed from the ground for when it is removed, the Ashanti Kingdom (Kumasi  is the capital of the ancient Ashanti Kingdom) will break up.

There is a mystery surrounding this sword which will excite you and make your visit worthwhile: when one tries to debunk the claim of the fetish priest by trying to pull the sword out of the Earth, it sinks deeper into the ground. Many people have tried pulling it out but have failed.

Don’t you think it will be great fun to visit the sword and try your luck at pulling it out of the ground? Who knows, you could be the one to break this jinx!


Pix. 5.  Statue of Komfo Anokye (the fetish priest who stuck the sword in the ground)

nice places to visit in ghana= anokye statue

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3.     Ntonso Craft Village

Pix. 6.  A front view of the craft village

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Another nice place to visit in Ghana is the Ntonso Craft Village which is found in Ntonso, a village along the Kumasi- Mampong highway. You will see at first hand the contrast between  ancient and  modern architecture:  houses constructed with laterite sitting close to magnificent modern buildings built with cement and mortar.


  Pix. 7.  An adinkra cloth stamped with beautiful adinkra patterns. 

   nice places to visit in ghana= ntonso 2

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That is not all there is to see here. This village is noted for adinkra cloth: cloth in which patterns which carry various meanings are stamped. You can experience watching men and women of the village stamping cloth with these patterns and learn the significance of these patterns.


Pix. 8.  A man stamping adinkra patterns into a cloth

nice places to visit in ghana= ntonso adinkra cloth1

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In addition, you can watch the dyeing of ordinary cloth which is subsequently becomes funeral cloth or kuntunkuni after it has been dyed black.


4.     Adanwomase Kente Village

Pix. 9.  The outskirts of Adanwomase village

nice places to visit in ghana= the village adanwomase6

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Have you heard of the beautiful cloth woven from attractive and good-looking yarn colors called kente cloth? Well, you will get  chance to see how this striking kind of woven cloth is made at close hand when you visit Adanwomase, located in the Kwabre District of the Ashanti Region, some 15 miles north-east  of Kumasi, about one hour’s drive from the city.


Pix. 10.  A kente weaver working happily in his loom

nice places to visit in ghana= weaver adanwomase4

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You will have the opportunity to observe kente weavers in their looms weaving the cottony kente cloth, as you hear birds twittering around. In addition, you can interact with some of the people of the village, experience the sights and sounds of a typical African village, and maybe taste the staple food of the people: delicious fufu with grasscutter soup.

Pix. 11.  Tourists wearing kente cloth

nice places to visit in ghana=adanwomase2

Source: Google

5.     Ahwiaa Wood Village

Pix. 12.  A carving produced at the wood village

nice places to visit in ghana= ahwiaa8

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One of the nice places to visit in Ghana is the Ahwiaa wood village found just about fifteen minutes’ drive from the center of Kumasi on the Kumasi-Mampong highway. On your way there, you will experience a typical Ghanaian road scene: lots of traffic, taxi drivers honking, screaming and shouting at each other, highlife and hiplife music blaring from shops in front of houses, and from vehicles advertising CDs and movies.


Pix. 13.  A wood carver making a wooden stool

nice places to visit in ghana= ahwiaa1

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At the wood village, you will have the privilege to watch wood carvers sitting under wooden sheds by the roadside deftly creating carvings and bringing stories to life out of ordinary pieces of wood, whilst the golden rays of the sun bathe you. The wood carvers make superb wooden carvings and stools, human figures, and toy drums. Through your interaction with them, you can find out some of the stories behind the carvings and what inspires them to produce such gorgeous  carvings.



These are 5 of the nice places to visit in Ghana. When next you come to Ghana or when you decide to travel, add these places to your stops. Visit them and you will broaden your knowledge of the culture and tradition of the people of Ghana. I can assure you it will be an enlightening experience which you will remember for years to come. The people of Ghana are waiting for your visit and will be more than happy to greet you with “Akwaaba!”—Welcome!





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