How to Prepare for the Job Interview


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You may have been invited for an interview for a job you applied for, a job you wish so much to get. How do you prepare for the job interview so that you can increase your chances of getting the job?

In this article, I will teach you ways to prepare for a job interview so that you will have an advantage over those you are competing with.

There are a number of steps you must take to prepare for a job interview, the first of which is to gather intelligence about the Company.

Find Out All You Can About Your Potential Employer

Find out about the history of the Company, the products they manufacture or the services they offer, and the size of the Company i.e. whether they have a lot of branches or not. A search online may help you to get some or all of this information.

In addition, find out if they are into manufacturing, retailing, or wholesaling. Moreover, find out their position in their industry i.e. whether they are industry leaders and have a large share of the market in their industry, or whether they are a growing business.

If you live in the same town where the Company is located, contact the Communications Director of the Company and try to get this information from him or her. Alternatively, find out this information by visiting your local library, watching television, reading the newspapers, or making personal contacts with some of the staff of the Company.

How to Make Good Job Interview Questions

You need to make job interview questions and practice answering those that are likely to be asked at the interview—write down  questions you feel may be asked based on what you know about your potential employer, and write down the answers to those questions. Commit those answers to memory.

Also, read your CV or resume again and write down likely questions the interviewer(s) might ask you, and the answers to those questions.

Some of the questions that are normally asked at job interviews are:

  1. What are your future career plans?
  2. In what type of position are you most interested?
  3. Why do you want to work in our Company?
  4. What jobs have you held? How did you obtain them?’
  5. What course did you like best at school? Why?
  6. How did you spend vacations while you were in school?
  7. What are your ideas on salary? How much do you expect to be pain in a month?
  8. Can you forget all your education and start from scratch?
  9. Do you prefer any geographic location? Why?


Involve your siblings, or a close friend, if you feel you cannot rehearse all alone. Let them act as the interviewer(s) and ask you the questions, which you must answer as if you are sitting in front of the interviewer. This will help you to build your confidence for the job interview.

What Your Potential Employer Will Expect from You

Every employer looks out for something unique in a prospective employee, but generally these are the things the employer will be looking out for:

  • Good reading and writing skills.
  • Good listening skills.
  • Good thinking skills—your ability to think creatively, make quick decisions, solve problems, and see things in your mind’s eye.
  • Personal Qualities—your sense of responsibility, how sociable you are, how you manage yourself, and whether you are an honest person or not.
  • Use of Resources—how well you make use of time, money, materials, and space.
  • Your Interpersonal Skills—how well you can work with other people on teams, how good you are at teaching others, and your ability to work well with people from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Operating Under Pressure—how well you work when you are under pressure, and how you react when you are criticized.
  • Adaptability—your desire or willingness to learn new things, and whether you are flexible and ambitious enough to learn new skills and gain new qualities.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Get enough rest the night before the job interview. It will make you feel fresh and ready to face the challenge of the interview, and also make you mentally alert, which will put you in a state to answer the interview questions clearly.

Sleeping will also reduce the tendency to be nervous which may accompany a lack of sleep.

Take Care of Your Appearance

If you are a man, prepare for the job interview by wearing a black two-button suit in navy, gray, or pinstripes with narrow lapels. In addition, put on a contrasting tie or tie with small patterns, and match it with a black shoe. If you are a woman, wear a blue, gray, black, or pinstripe suit. You will communicate a sense of purpose and a desire to be successful, which may increase your chances of getting hired.

Make sure you cut your nails, shave your beard, and trim your moustache. Also ensure your hair is cut neatly and is well- oiled to give you a business-like look. A woman should ensure she looks very professional, with minimal make-up.


God can make the difference in life. His favor upon you can make you get the advantage over people who may even be more qualified than you. A clear example is the favor He gave to Esther in the Bible which enabled her to become the Queen ahead of all the other ladies she competed with.

You can obtain this kind of favor by saying a simple prayer. Therefore, ask God to give you His favor and help you to get the job ahead of those you will be competing against. Have faith that He has heard your prayer when you finish praying. This is a good way to prepare for the job interview.

 How to Behave During the Job Interview

  • Arrive on time. This will give you enough time to relax and nerve yourself. It will also tell the interview panel that you respect, which means you have a sense of responsibility.
  • Relax and be yourself. If you feel nervous, take in deep breaths and exhale slowly through your mouth. It will help you to calm your nerves.
  • When you are called into the room where you will be interviewed, greet your interviewer warmly. This is a great opportunity to sell yourself. Therefore, look confident. Walk upright and sit straight.
  • Project a good image. Try to make them see that you are a hardworking, competent person by giving anecdotes as evidence of your attitude. For example, you may tell them about how you had to work during holidays to raise part of your fees, or how you sold goods or services whilst in school.
  • Maintain eye contact. Look your interviewer in the eye.
  • Speak clearly and loudly enough.
  • Be enthusiastic and do your best to look friendly by smiling often.
  • Do not criticize your previous employer, if you have worked somewhere before. Even if you left there because of a disagreement, just describe what kind of work you did there and avoid attacking your previous employer.
  • Be clear and concise when answering the questions.
  • At the end of the interview, thank your interviewer.

Do a Follow Up

Send an email to thank your interviewer a few days after the job interview, let’s say about three days later. In the first paragraph, express your appreciation for the interview and express your continued interest in the position.

In the second paragraph, state any important information you failed to mention at the interview or emphasize one of the qualities that the interviewer stressed as being important. Also, let him or her know what you learned about the company during the interview which impressed you.

In the third paragraph, communicate your willingness to answer further questions about your qualifications

Then, continue to pray after you have done these things and hope God will help you to get the job.


Finally, remember that to prepare for the job interview, you must do what you can as a human being, and also seek Divine intervention, for it takes both the practical things you do and the help you get from the Spirit World to succeed in this life.

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