6 Foods That Can Prevent a Stroke

foods prevent stroke
Foods That Can Prevent a Stroke Include Tomatoes


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Stroke is one of the leading causes of death around the globe. In fact, only heart diseases and cancer cause more deaths, according to the World Health Organization. The good news, however, is that there are foods that can help prevent a stroke.

Risk Factors

The perception among a lot of people is that it is only an old man or woman who can suffer from a stroke. This is an erroneous way of thinking because people of all ages are at risk of suffering from a stroke.

A stroke can affect the young, as well as the old. There is a young musician here in my country, a man in his early twenties, who suffered a massive stroke and was paralyzed for a considerable length of time.

So, what causes a stroke?

Eating a lot of fatty foods, salt, sugar, worrying constantly, and your inability to manage your stress properly can all go a long way to increase your risk of getting a stroke.

Research has shown that eating certain foods regularly can help prevent a stroke by up to 30 %.

That is the more reason why you must know the foods that can help prevent a stroke and incorporate them in your dieting plan.

What are some of these foods? This article tells you about 6 types of food that can help prevent this disease.

1.     Carrots

Harvard University conducted research and found out that eating carrots can help prevent a stroke.  According to them, eating about 5 servings of carrots every week can reduce your risk of getting a stroke by 50%.

Eating carrots raw helps your body to get a lot more of the nutrients it contains than boiling it since cooking destroys some of the nutrients. Therefore, eat a lot of raw carrots regularly—blend raw carrots and store it in the fridge, and drink it every morning and evening.


2.     Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant, which studies have shown can help to prevent a stroke due to the fact that lycopene reduces blood pressure in the body, and also because it improves blood circulation.

Blend raw tomatoes and drink half a glass a day. This will go a long way to help you prevent a stroke.


3.     Watermelon

Watermelon contains a lot of water and is also very rich in minerals and lycopene. In addition, it contains low amounts of sodium and is therefore very good at preventing blood pressure from going up, reducing cholesterol levels, and preventing the blood vessels from hardening up.

Take a slice of watermelon first thing in the morning before eating your breakfast. It will help you to move your bowels in addition to helping to prevent a stroke.


4.     Sardines

Sardines contain healthy fats, calcium and vitamin D. Calcium helps in the proper coagulation or clotting of blood, thereby preventing strokes caused by poor blood clotting. Vitamin D and the healthy fats aid in the proper circulation of blood.

Therefore, prepare sandwiches with sardines and take it with oats for your breakfast. Also, take a few sardine sandwiches to the office with you as your snack for lunch.


5.     Oats

Oats contain fiber and help to reduce the level of sugar in the blood as well as helping to keep the levels of bad cholesterol in check. In addition, it is good for reducing stress since it provides your brain with essential nutrients such as zinc and iron.

Prepare oats in the evening when you come home tired from work and eat it with a slice of bread and watermelon, to prevent a stroke.


6.     Avocado Pears

They are rich in fatty acids which delay ageing in the brain and help the brain to function properly. Fatty acids such as omega-3 found in avocado pears not only prevent the cells of your brain from aging but also prevent oxidation (which speeds up the ageing process) in your body.

So, instead of spreading jam or marmalade on your bread, eat it with a slice of avocado pear. Alternatively, prepare sandwiches with avocado pears and take it as your snack in the afternoon.



In addition to these foods, there are other natural foods that can help prevent a stroke. Examples are mangoes, oranges, tangerines, guavas, cabbage, yams, and garden eggs. They all contain high levels of lycopene.

So, make sure your diet is always rich in these foods and you will lower your risk of getting a stroke. Furthermore, reduce the amount of salt you add to your diet for that can also help you to avoid getting a stroke.



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