How to Make a Baby Girl

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Many parents wish to make a baby girl for different reasons. Whilst some parents believe the sex of the child is determined by God, there are those who suggest that man can do certain things to influence the chances that a couple can determine the sex of their child and make a baby girl.

You may have the desire to have a baby girl and may be wondering, “How can I make a baby girl?”

Let us first of all look at how the sex of a baby is determined.


The Genetics Behind Sex Determination


A sperm consists of a head, neck, and a long tail.

The head of the sperm of every man contains 24 minute thread-like structures called chromosomes, which carry the genes, or the information for the expression of a particular characteristic in the baby, such as whether the baby will inherit its mother’s or father’s height, or whether the baby will inherit his mother’s skin color or father’s skin color.


Only One Sperm Fertilizes an Egg

When a husband and his wife make love, and after the husband releases sperms, millions of sperms propel themselves with their tails towards the egg of the wife. When they get to the egg, the head of only one sperm enters the egg of the woman, which then develops a very thick coat to prevent other sperm heads from entering it.

Subsequently, the sperm’s head opens up and releases these 24 chromosomes. Therefore in effect we can say they represent everything biological that the baby inherits from his, or her, father.

The egg of the woman also contains 24 chromosomes. It releases them after the man’s sperm has released its own; these are the contribution the mother makes to the child’s heredity.


The New Baby Starts with 48 Chromosomes

Therefore, the new baby starts off with 48 chromosomes; 24 from the father, and 24 from the mother. These 48 chromosomes contain all that a human being inherits from both parents.


The ‘X’ and ‘Y’ Chromosomes

Of the 24 pairs of chromosomes in both men and women, 23 pairs are exactly alike. It is in the 24th pair that there is a difference—a woman has two XX chromosomes, whilst a man has an ‘X’ and a ‘Y’ chromosome.

It is the presence of that ‘XY’ chromosome pair combination that determines whether you can make a baby girl or a baby boy.

When a man’s body produces sperms, exactly half of them contain the ‘X’ characteristic and half the ‘Y.’ In other words, if a man produces 100,000,000 sperms, 50,000,000 of them will be ‘X’ chromosomes whilst 50,000,000 will be ‘Y’ chromosomes.

On the other hand,  a woman has only the ‘X’-bearing chromosomes and so all her eggs are alike—‘X’ bearers. Therefore, if a woman produces 100,000,000 eggs, all of them are ‘X’ chromosomes.

Since only one sperm of the millions fertilizes an egg, if a sperm with an ‘X’ gets to the egg first , it pairs up with the ‘X’ already there, and an ‘XX’ individual is started, who will eventually become a girl.

However, if a ‘Y’-bearing sperm wins the race and is able to fertilize an egg first, an ‘XY’ individual will be formed, and he will be a boy.

Therefore to make a baby girl, you have to create the conditions for the man’s ‘X’ chromosomes to survive, or have an advantage over his ‘Y’ chromosomes, so that the chances that an ‘XX’ individual will result from fertilization is increased.

There are a number of theories that suggest how to create the right conditions for the man’s ‘X’ chromosomes to survive. One of them is the Shettles Method.


The Shettles Method

Timing of Intercourse

Shettles method suggests making love long after ovulation, if you want to make a  baby girl. This is because the ‘X’ chromosomes move slowly. Therefore having sex long before the woman ovulates favors the ‘X’ chromosomes and can increase the likelihood that you will have a baby girl instead of a boy.

On the other hand, the ‘Y’ chromosomes which determine whether a boy will be born or not are smaller and less robust than the ‘X’ chromosomes, although they are faster than the ‘X’ chromosomes.

Therefore, having sex long before ovulation does not favor ‘Y’ chromosomes.


How to Make a Baby Girl Using the Woman’s Ovulation Calendar

To increase the chances that you can make a baby girl, Shettles recommends having sex up to 3 days before the day you ovulate.

But how will you know when you are about to ovulate?

You must take note of your cervical mucus every day. The mucus that the woman’s cervix produces becomes watery and elastic when she is nearing ovulation; its consistency becomes something like the white of an egg.

Therefore, the woman should take note of the thickness of the mucus she produces every morning for about two months. This will help her to know when she will ovulate.


Record Your Temperature

When she starts ovulating, the woman’s temperature rises sharply.

She must therefore endeavor to take her temperature every morning before she steps down from her bed, according to Shettles.

Do your best not to fidget in the bed when you are taking your temperature. This is because any vigorous activity will lead to inaccurate readings.


Use an Ovulation Predictor Kit

When a woman is about to ovulate, her body releases a chemical known as Luteinizing Hormone (LH). Generally, ovulation starts about 24 hours after the woman’s body has started releasing LH. These kits are able to detect the LH the woman’s body releases when she starts releasing it.


Avoid Vigorous Sex When You Make Love

The entrance of the vagina is more acidic than the deeper part of the vagina near the cervix. ‘Y’ chromosomes are destroyed by an acidic environment whilst the ‘X’ chromosomes can survive in that kind of environment.

So, shallow penetration of your wife and subsequently releasing the sperms near the entrance will deposit sperms where the acidity will weaken the ‘Y’ chromosomes.

However, this will allow more ‘X’ chromosomes to be available to be fertilized, increasing the chances that you will have a baby girl and not a boy.


The Woman Should Not  Have an Orgasm

After an orgasm, the woman’s body releases a chemical which causes the vagina to become more alkaline.

An alkaline environment is more conducive for the survival of ‘Y’ chromosomes. In addition, the contractions that accompany an orgasm can help to push the sperms through the cervix, and this favors the ‘Y’ chromosomes which are fast.


How to Make a Baby Girl Diet: Eat a Lot of Calcium and Magnesium

Some researchers suggest that if you want to make a baby girl, you should watch what you eat. A diet rich in calcium and magnesium can increase the chances that a couple can make a baby girl, that is according to these researchers.

Calcium and magnesium occur naturally in some foods.

These foods increase the alkalinity of the woman’s body, making it conducive for the  ‘X’ chromosomes to thrive, which increases the likelihood that a girl can be born.

If you want to make a baby girl, the foods which are rich in calcium and magnesium and which you should  eat include:

  1. Nuts such as cashew nuts, almonds, Tigernuts, Brazilnuts, walnuts.
  2. Beans.
  3. Green leafy vegetables such as kontomire, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli.
  4. Yoghurt.
  5. Oatmeal.
  6. Dairy products such as milk, eggs, cheese.
  7. Fruits such as pineapples, apples, pawpaw, bananas, oranges, lemons, and mangoes.


Foods to Avoid

Foods containing a lot of salt and potassium create conditions in your body for the ‘Y’ chromosomes to survive, increasing the chances that you may make a boy. Therefore, if you want to make a baby girl, you should consciously avoid eating foods rich in these two minerals.

Examples of foods you should avoid eating are:

  • Smoked salmon.
  • Shrimps.
  • Processed foods.
  • Bread.
  • Pastries.
  • Bacon.
  • Salami.
  • Potatoes.


These are some of the ways you can make a baby girl. Keep on practicing this method, don’t give up when you fail after one or two attempts, and also continue to pray, and you will have the desire of your heart and give birth to a healthy, bouncy, baby girl.

All the best!



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